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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-30

  • Should we tell people who start posts with "I'm no prude but…" that what they're about to say is actually pretty prudish? #
  • I'm suspecting that philosophy's Divine Illumination Foundation with SPF 50 is a BB cream traveling incognito. Love this stuff. #
  • #Nordstrom website new trick: items disappear from cart as I check out, magically "out of stock". 2 weeks now. Bumming. #
  • @Sniffapalooza OMG yum! Wish I could be there. in reply to Sniffapalooza #
  • @candyperfumeb0y @thescentsofself Bring Nigel for Sniffapalooza, Thomas! No kids that weekend – I'll put you up! in reply to candyperfumeb0y #

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