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There’s a pony in here somewhere: Interlude Man and Woman

You will seldom find a bigger Amouage fan than me. I know, there’s a ton of us out there, but I loves me some Amouage and I await every new release with, if not hyperventilation, at least constant fanning of myself with my credit card and wide, shiny eyes.

So when an Amouage doesn’t work out for me I get all disappointed, like a crushed Muppet meeping to itself in the corner. It doesn’t happen often, but I have to say Honour did not work out for me, and cue the sad meeping Muppet voice.

Because Interlude isn’t really working out for me either.

However, a lot of people love Interlude. People whose perfume opinions I generally agree with like Interlude. Something is clearly wrong here; and it isn’t Interlude, at least not totally. At least some part of the problem here is me.

I do get the same swamp accord (rotting greens, dirt, moldy leaves, and scunge) from Interlude, both Man and Woman, that I get from Honour Woman. There’s a couple of possibilities here: either other people’s noses delight in the smell of swamp accord; or my nose has not yet learned the delights of swamp accord; or (most likely) my skin is simply eating everything but the swamp accord and I am missing something or somethings that are supposed to fill out the swamp accord, like hearing just the alto line in a Handel choral piece.

I am not the sort of girl who gives up (at least not on important things like perfume). I mean, I had to go through like three different versions of Shalimar before I came to terms with that. So I just took out my samples and sprayed some on two Post-It notes on my desk.

First important observation, after about 3 minutes: IT SMELLS FABULOUS IN HERE.

Second important observation, after about 10 minutes: both pieces of paper smell really good! As does the desk, which got an extra accidental helping of Interlude Man. I think both smell really good together; as with Clive Christian C, this is annoying in the sense that they’re too expensive ever to really layer them, but artistically pleasing in that they are clearly so complementary, like those MOMA salt and pepper shakers that hug each other (aw). I have to say, they’re blending with the last of the fruity-gourmandy floral I was wearing this morning in here (Attrape Coeur, if you must know, so yes, here is a rare blending occasion) and they’re exquisite.

Both pieces of paper smell lovely. I like the Woman better, though Mark Behnke at Ca Fleure Bon told me he really loves Interlude Man. I can see why: Interlude Man smells quite masculine, very reminiscent of real wood, with bark, the lightest brush of some incense that perhaps one found on the floor (nothing fussy or polished about this; the incensey bit is almost dusty), and on paper the swamp accord fills it out to something meditative and green but not in the way galbanum or green perfumes are usually green; the way real plants are green in a forest.

Interlude Woman smells less like a gorgeous found object. Here the stems are cut, and they’re juicy; and the moss is used to landscape some lovely little bonsai that flowers, like an orange tree or one of the various flowering serissas that I’ve killed several of (I have not had good luck with bonsai). It’s the scent of Briar Rose sitting on the bank of a stream in the woods daydreaming, if fairy tales were actual life – not hyperreal, 3D, technicolor movie life, but real life, the kind in which you taste water with your mouth.

So, WTF? I can’t wear these things, obviously. But there is more there than my skin allows me. I could do worse than to spritz them on paper and have them in my office; truly, it smells gorgeous in here. If you can wear them, I envy you.

Top image is swamp by Mike Love, via Flickr; used under Creative Commons license, some rights reserved. Bottom image is of salt and pepper MOMA shakers, borrowed from their web catalog; I have no affiliation.

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4 comments to There’s a pony in here somewhere: Interlude Man and Woman

  • I loves me some Amouage and I await every new release with, if not hyperventilation, at least constant fanning of myself with my credit card and wide, shiny eyes.

    This is…. fabulous writing.
    I want to try the perfume too, but that sentence is fantastic.

    • Judith

      Thank you! I love compliments on my writing from a writer. What could be better?

      As for trying the perfume, I’m sure some sort of arrangement could be arranged. 🙂

  • I’m with you on loving Amouage and looking forward to every new release. Amouage Honour Woman didn’t work for me either though I’m not surprised since I really dislike tuberose.

    I tried Interlude Woman only twice: the first time I thought I was falling in love with this perfume and was questioning my decision of getting only 5 ml decant of it. On the second attempt I couldn’t figure out what was so special about it the last time. Now I’m looking at my 5 ml decant trying to build up courage to try it again.

    Interlude Man smelled interesting but too masculine for my liking. I plan to try it on my vSO since he liked the scent when I tested it and I think I might like it on him.

    • Judith

      Interlude (both of them) is verrrrrry interesting and well rewards multiple tests, I think. I’m planning to try Honour on paper like I did the Interludes and see what happens! (My office smelled so AMAZINGLY good. I’m thinking of spritzing Interlude – either one – on my clothes and seeing how that works. I’ve never done that before.)

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