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Perfume for your turkey, and a turkey of a perfume

I got a box from Sephora that was specifically chosen to be loaded with samples. (Yeah, I’m a sample whore.) I opened it up and found right on top?…

ENCHANTED WONDERSTRUCK, by Taylor Swift! That’s right, the celebuflanker more Fresh ‘n’ Tweeny than Beiber’s latest haircut!

Or Wonderstruck Enchanted, I can’t even be bothered to google it. Safe to say, I did not SELECT this sample! Oh Sephora, you so keep punishing me for going back to you for samples!

I know, if I wrote to them they’d say “Samples are subject to availability.” Well, someone walked far and wide across the warehouse to find the ONE thing I totally did NOT want to sniff! “Hey, I know… she wants… THIS one! I can feel it in my bones!”



What are you going to wear with your turkey dinner? I always wear the discontinued Fendi Asja for Thanksgiving, but I may give my new love Tom Ford Black Orchid a trial run; its buttery truffle might be just as good as Asja’s paradoxically floral spiced apples. A foody floral. Dunno. It’s stereotypical – but wonderful – to drag out your apple pie scents. Planning to wear Amber Narguile? (This one always makes me think of the Scents of Self.) Got another one in this category?


OK, here’s the thing: that damn Wonderstruck Enchanted? Smells pretty good. Like a more lightly spiced vanilla version of Queen Latifah. That’s right, I said it smelled like a watered-down version of ANOTHER celebrity perfume. What are you gonna do about it? I got the sample for free, just like you got this review.

It actually is kinda gourmand, in a tween way. But I can’t, I just can’t wear Wonderstruck. I keep thinking of Victoria at EauMG snarking about the perfume reviews on YouTube, where 13-year-old girls laud Wonderstruck as the best thing they’ve ever smelled in their LIVES!

I might put it on a card and surreptitiously sniff it from time to time.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Image is Turkey steaks with citrus and ginger sauce by 46137, via Flickr; used under Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

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5 comments to Perfume for your turkey, and a turkey of a perfume

  • Judith, Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    I’m still thinking which perfume to wear later today (I still have 4 hours to decide).

  • Ari

    Happy belated Thanksgiving, Judith!! Hope you and Harleycat had a wonderful holiday. I wore Hermes Ambre d’Mervilles for the same reason that you wore it in the aftermath of Sandy- warm and undemanding. I don’t know why I didn’t get a notification about this post. Am I not subscribed?? Must remedy right away.

    • Judith

      Hello dear thing! We did have a wonderful holiday (Harleycat even ate the turkeyscraps I put down for her, which she NEVER does. Being old must be very odd!) I just used my Sephora VIB gift card to get a bottle of L’Ambre at a discount – its salty yumminess must be mine. That’s where our noses cross!

      I hope you’re subscribed but maybe you did so after I posted this? Dunno. Working on a new post now! And Pinterest!

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