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Pure unadulterated Nude

Fellow flu-sufferer Barbara asked for a full review of Bill Blass Nude in the parfum version when I mentioned that I had gotten my grabby little hands on it.

I discovered Nude from this post at Now Smell This, and I’ve never regretted picking up my approximately $12 bottle. (It’s still available for only slightly . . . → Read More: Pure unadulterated Nude

Good wood, Part 2: The Luckyscent Decennial anniversary perfumes

The remaining two scents of the Decennial anniversary perfumes are very much a part of the set. Both have startling juxtapositions elegantly executed; both involve beautiful wood notes; neither is spicy to my nose, like Nuit Épicée and Santal Sacré, but both involve very creative comestibles that one seldom smells in perfume. The bourbon in . . . → Read More: Good wood, Part 2: The Luckyscent Decennial anniversary perfumes

Good wood, Part 1: the Luckyscent Decennial anniversary perfumes

Curating a world-class perfume store may look easy – the gentlemen at Luckyscent make it look easy – but it isn’t. Adam and Franco don’t just run one of the best perfume stores in the country; they have to find the perfumes worth selling, and if you’ve ever shopped outside of what gets recommended in . . . → Read More: Good wood, Part 1: the Luckyscent Decennial anniversary perfumes


I intended to write a review of some if not all of the Luckyscent Decennial perfumes this weekend.

I also wanted to respond to an actual reader’s actual questions on sandalwood and rose for men.

I could have posted something about some of my new post-xmas splurgy acquisitions – Bill Blass Nude in parfum, McQueen . . . → Read More: Bleearrggh.

Some Labels are Good

In the What Makes the Unseen Censer Cranky category:

I have purchased TWO decants recently that came to me with no labels whatsoever.

Now I don’t mind if someone sends me a decant without a label if they’re doing me a favor. If it’s even a split, I can hack it; hey, I’m getting juice . . . → Read More: Some Labels are Good

Contempt and Fleur de Rocaille

Does familiarity breed contempt? Do we dismiss the friends we used to love the most and go looking for a new thrill?

Fleur de Rocaille (the current one, not the original Fleurs de Rocaille, also by Caron and apparently at least sometimes in the same bottle design) is a perfume that is not what you’d . . . → Read More: Contempt and Fleur de Rocaille