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Sick bed, sheets, notebooks, tissues.I intended to write a review of some if not all of the Luckyscent Decennial perfumes this weekend.

I also wanted to respond to an actual reader’s actual questions on sandalwood and rose for men.

I could have posted something about some of my new post-xmas splurgy acquisitions – Bill Blass Nude in parfum, McQueen My Queen, or a bunch of other samples. Or my Xmas splurge, vintage Vol de Nuit in parfum (which I could compare to the current extrait).

Or show my new sample storage system, courtesy of the Container Store.

Or respond to all the recent posts on vanilla with some vanilla thoughts of my own, vanilla whore that I am.

Instead my big accomplishment of the day was eating my lunch not in bed. I am very grateful I had the flu shot; I have felt for three days like someone has beaten me with a sack of doorknobs, but I could be a lot sicker. Maybe you should get a flu shot if you haven’t had yours yet.

I also considered writing on “fragrances for the flu” (I can recommend Ava Luxe’s Ambre Tibet for comfort, or philosophy’s Amazing Grace when you need to feel Not Icky), but couldn’t get up the energy.

I had a good night’s sleep and thought this morning that I would go outside and do some errands, at least. Instead after showering and getting dressed I realized that in fact that had been my big energy burst for the day.

Bed is getting a little boring, y’all. Send me your thoughts on what you think I should write. I’d be grateful.

Image is “Sheet, tissues.” by Laura Appleyard, via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license; some rights reserved.

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5 comments to Bleearrggh.

  • Barbara

    Kids left to get on schoolbus Friday at 6:40. Had already had one cup of coffee and some breakfast biscuits and thought since I didn’t have to go anywhere before work I could afford to take a little nap. Started getting really cold with two blankets on (no quilt for menopause woman here!) and chills. Husband got up, I slept. At 9:30 he brought me some Tylenol and told me to call in to work (I work afternoons, so I start at 3.) Told him I’d feel better after the Tylenol and would go to work. Slept till 11:30, felt like I was hit by a truck, got up to pee, took my temp 101, and called-in. Slept all day. Could not even read. Had some tea at 3:00. Got up at 8:30, watched a half hour of TV with my daughter, ate some crackers and slept more! Called in Sat. afternoon. Fever broke probably 9:30 pm yesterday. Got up today and showered and am currently washing bedding! Thank God I got the flu shot, no puking or diarrhea, just death armed over !!

    I work at a hospital and it is really bad this year! My daughter threw up twice last weekend and had a fever, so I don’t know if I got it from her or one of my patients or coworkers!

    Now that I’ve bored everyone silly (cooped up in house for 3 days), I would love a review of Bill Blass Nude because I owned some in the past, along with I believe it was Bill Blass Hot. Wish I had kept all of my old stuff! Have no idea what it smelled like!

    • Judith

      OMG I’m glad it’s not just me! I got the flu shot too, and I feel like it’s stupid that I should be sick, when I’m not upset stomach either or filled with snot. But it’s that I wasn’t really up to walking downstairs. And I’m really not usually like that. I lolled around in bed, napped (I NEVER nap), and couldn’t even get up the energy to check the mail. Ugh.

      I didn’t get to do anything fun this weekend, since I didn’t want to give anyone nice I know the flu, and I’m bored as hell too. Thank goodness for Turner Classic Movies and laptops.

      Nude it is! (I never smelled Hot – now you’ve inspired me to look it up.)

    • Judith

      Working on the Bill Blass Nude review! I’m so glad to meet someone else who loves it.

      I ate like a whole box of crackers and not much else the first day I stayed in bed. How miserable. I’m now feeling so happy that I don’t feel so bad! Hope you are feeling better too!

  • Judith, I’m really sorry you got the flu. Ration your strength and get better!

    On the more pleasant note, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the vintage Vol de Nuit parfum: I’m still undecided on either to settle for the current one (I like it a lot) or to try looking for the vintage bottle. With the price level for it having both are out of the question (at least for now).

    • Judith

      On the upside, I’m now super-happy that I no longer feel like I’ve been beaten with a sack of rocks!

      And thank you for giving me a reason to write that piece: I’ll do the Vol de Nuit, current vs vintage extrait, as well as the parfum of Nude for Barbara!

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