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I’d like to rough my amber up

I’ve never been a huge amber fan, like Birgit at Olfactoria’s Travels, the “Queen of Amber”. I’ve never really been against amber, either. I like ambergris, the salty floral smell of (artificial, nowadays) fermented whale vomit; it’s my favorite feature of L’Eau de Merveilles, from Hermes. And I like the modern ingredient “amber”, which is . . . → Read More: I’d like to rough my amber up

And one more housekeeping note:

In an effort to keep fake users from registering to the site, registrations now require a valid email address. Should have done it long ago. Hope it doesn’t inconvenience anyone. OpenID is also still supported. I will change the “How to Comment” page as soon as I can! Thanks!

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Storage porn!

Let’s talk storage porn!

Like all perfume junkies, for me the need to store samples appropriately is pressing. If you can’t find what you’ve got, you can’t wear it; moreover, you run the risk of being so driven by inappropriate lust that you go out and buy more, even if you are responsible enough to . . . → Read More: Storage porn!

Housecleaning Feb. 2013

Howdy all, I’ve just done some housecleaning. We had over 200 “fake” subscribers here at Unseen Censer, because I leave it open for anyone to register. Most of those people/bots don’t get any farther than registering, because I don’t allow comments to go through until I’ve seen your first one, and I disallow the spam. . . . → Read More: Housecleaning Feb. 2013

Vol de Nuit: Dancing with itself

Vol de Nuit parfum

My most-often commenter and fellow fumehead Undina asked me to share my thoughts on comparing the vintage Vol de Nuit parfum that was my Christmas splash-out to myself, and the 2012 extrait of the same scent that I already had.

I don’t think I would do a good job of describing the vintage Vol de . . . → Read More: Vol de Nuit: Dancing with itself

Le Snob: Perfume

People often ask me (OK, I think I’ve been asked maybe half a dozen times) what book they can turn to for finding out more about perfume overall.

I love books, I love perfume, I’m always looking for good books on perfume. Sadly, there are few, even when one turns to libraries and such. They . . . → Read More: Le Snob: Perfume