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Stuff What I Took Out of the Drawer Tonight

So here’s stuff I just took out of the drawer and spritzed on myself because I could, to remind myself what it smells like. Quick drive-bys, again, which seem to get the most traffic!

I am trying to thin out the collection, partly so I can find stuff I want, partly because it just is . . . → Read More: Stuff What I Took Out of the Drawer Tonight

Comfort tea

I’ve never been one to worry about associating scents with bad times, but I will say that this week I’ve been reluctant to wear perfume at all, afraid that it would bring to mind, when worn again, my very sad state of mind this week.

But I also was itching to wear something, like I . . . → Read More: Comfort tea

A catless perfume blogger now.

So Monday was my kitty Harley’s last day. She had battled kidney disease bravely for many years and had had a tough few months. But the good grace with which she accepted her daily injections of subcutaneous fluid was just one example of how constantly she made things easier on me, and I’m glad in . . . → Read More: A catless perfume blogger now.

Don’t fear the eBay

Every so often – not just in the perfume world – I hear or see someone say “Oh, I don’t use eBay.” In the perfume world, it often goes along with “But how can I find this vintage perfume?”

There are probably many reasons not to use eBay, but please excuse the Unseen Censer if . . . → Read More: Don’t fear the eBay

More zooming past: quick reviews

On the theory that people seem to like the quickie reviews, here are more!

I’ve been in sort of a panic of perfume sample acquisition lately, driven by stress and also exploding into new scent areas that I’ve never been in before. Looking at the incenses, ambers, and leathers I’m experimenting with, I’m wondering how . . . → Read More: More zooming past: quick reviews

Kids Strike Back at “Get Off My Lawn” Lady

Sharpen up your hate sticks, folks, because I’m not holding back on this one.

Vintage L’Interdit parfum is the kind of smell that gives perfumes a bad name. And that name is “old lady”.

Let’s not get into the whole sidebar about supporting the cultural value of older women, and how we should love and . . . → Read More: Kids Strike Back at “Get Off My Lawn” Lady