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I thought I was in love; turns out I wasn’t.

2peoplewalkingAt this stage in my perfume acquisition career, it actually is a bit of a relief if I don’t fall in love with a new perfume. I’ve noticed other folks on perfume boards saying it would take ages to sample all the samples they have in the house, and thus it is with me. It’s not just having new things to sniff, though; it’s the danger that you’ll fall head over heels with something once you sniff it.

What I’m saying is that bowls full of perfume samples is actually bowls full of danger.

As you know, I have ridden right off the patchouli rails into myrrh and amber land. It’s crazy. Things I would have hated two years ago make me do the happy dance. New samples that sound good with mentions of myrrh and elemi, sage, patchouli, smoke, leather, and one presumes, naughty musks, as the Scent Critic said of Un Petit Rien, are almost irresistible to me; but I do kind of cringe a bit when I try something new, for fear I will adore it. (I’ve already developed one massive burning love for a juice that is absolutely unfindable, Slumberhouse Ore. Killing me.)

I’m planning also my Sniffapalooza purchases (NEXT WEEKEND!), and it would throw all my careful calculations out of whack to find something new that I HAVE to have. No good.

So it was with some trepidation that I discovered that the opening notes of Lubin’s new Korrigan are a kind of irresistible it-says-cedar-and-oud-what-the-hell-do-I-know wood and oil and incense kind of combination with a caramel cocoa overlay that kind of made my eyes roll up in my head with delight. I mean. That is good stuff.

But fortunately, after a while it dries down into a far less enticing (to me) vetiver wood with that benzoin note that is so often my bête noire. Thank god. I was really worried for a few minutes there.

I like the new bottles on these new Lubin masculines but that’s because they’re copies of the very cool Idole de Lubin bottle. I think it kind of makes the black plinthy bottle less special to have these white and tortoiseshell copies of it. But I guess it makes sense from a marketing point of view; if Idole isn’t your thing (YOU FREAK, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE IT) but you like the bottle, you can get the bottle with different juice in it.

I will have to re-try the Akkad sample, as that is supposed to be “the amber one”, but at the moment I’m quite relieved that it’s money saved.

My cocoa cravings are being fulfilled these days by quite the truck stop rough trade: Angel Taste of Fragrance. I can’t stop with these stupid Mugler flankers (YES I TOTALLY BLAME THE CANDY PERFUME BOY). I’m liking this one even more than the Leather version, and I like that quite a lot. And remember, Angel isn’t even my favorite Mugler! (I have some new Alien Sunessence samples to get me into the warmer weather. Even I admit that regular Alien, much less my favorite Alien, Liqueur, is a bit much artificial jasmine for the summer. By which I mean that I recognize that it can be like getting whacked in the face with a jasmine-covered stick.)

Back to the wood/incense/myrrh/amber ravings: I am still really enjoying having fallen down this particular rabbit hole. These scents – it’s somehow like they’re rearranging my brain. All my creative pockets come out when I sniff them. I can think about things again. I wonder if new scents do that to the brain? I’ve heard therapists say that scents really do rearrange your brain. A new scent that fulfills so many sensual cravings at once while still being new (not associated with other memories yet) must unlock parts of the brain that are fresh and new. If not, it sure feels that way to me.

My workhorses these last few months (did you see Ari’s post on workhorse perfumes?) have been:
Un Petit Rien
Angel Taste of Fragrance
L’Ambre des Merveilles (of course!)
Ambre Russe
Slumberhouse Ore (my precioussssssss decant!)
Idole de Lubin

Not exactly shy and retiring, are they? Not even the cleaner lighter woods, like my beloved Gaiac 10 or Cannabis Santal. Pretty foody, pretty chewy, pretty woody… What happened to all my floral bouquets?? (Actually I wore Plum the other day and it made me very happy. And I’ve always liked Xerjoff Richwood… I am leaning pretty far away from my White Diamonds/Rubj/Chanel No. 5 starting point, though!)

And they’re treating me right. I don’t need to add another one. It’s okay with me, Korrigan, that you didn’t quite make the cut.

Image is Hold Me Now And Make Pretend That I Won’t Ever Fall by Thomas Hawk, via Flickr; used under Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

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4 comments to I thought I was in love; turns out I wasn’t.

  • I remember the thrill of trying all new things 2-3 years ago: every time I hoped it would be THE ONE. Nowadays I’m still a little curious but every time when a “big ticket” perfume doesn’t make it beyond “nice, does anybody on FF offer a split?” I feel almost happy.

    • Judith

      I may slowly be getting to where you are. I’m just so happy with the perfumes that are firmly ensconced in my collection. It takes more to unseat something.

  • I know this feeling well. I don’t actually hope to be disappointed, but I’m not disappointed when I’m disappointed – if that makes sense.

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