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The story of sex and a peach

I didn’t even bother to smell By Kilian’s “Flower of Immortality” this weekend at Bergdorf, because anyone who has smelled any of their Asian Tales series can tell you how it smells: light, sheer, and (in this case) with a peach note, because they tell you in the ad copy that it has peach in . . . → Read More: The story of sex and a peach

Week of Unseen Censer Tweets

trying Feu d'Issey bc of Robin @nowsmellthis Too anisic for me. It's all yours, Robin! (& what IS that weird funk in it? immortelle?) 12:32:24, 2013-04-26 RT @Persolaise: Who says brands don't surprise us any more? Check out my review of Opus VII, the latest from @AmouagePerfumes — http://t.c… 12:51:35, 2013-04-26 RT @EauMG: Providence . . . → Read More: Week of Unseen Censer Tweets