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The Unseen Censer

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Lay your hands on this

Did you see this great post over at Olfactoria about organizing your perfume collection? Large or small, our collections oppress us as much as they delight us, clearly. I felt so much better to find out I wasn’t the only one who has trouble finding what I want. I feel so stupid tweeting “Where TF . . . → Read More: Lay your hands on this

Where ya going, Little Red Riding Hood?

I long to walk through a cool dark forest. Long Island has been a little too horrible in the weather department lately: flooding from rain, boiling muggy heat, freezing temperatures in May. I want living nature but not to be fried or flooded or melted. Is it too much to ask?

Today the weather seems . . . → Read More: Where ya going, Little Red Riding Hood?

Week of Unseen Censer Tweets

RT @_technovation_: Teaching Girls How to Code through Technovation Challenge via @InformIT by our very own Angélic… 09:36:22, 2013-05-30 Really quite warm. I washed with NEST's Moroccan Amber (OMG LOVE) but feel likeI need to get out the Gin Fizz to go outside. 13:05:09, 2013-05-30 @Boisdejasmin YES! Brilliant! Orange Sanguine was what I . . . → Read More: Week of Unseen Censer Tweets

Tripping with perfume

OMFG I am so tired. Are you guys tired? I’m exhausted.

For various reasons of the plot I didn’t get or take any time off these last five months. Then I decided to do all my Fun Things at once. One thing is clear: I need to organize my down time better. Or stop organizing . . . → Read More: Tripping with perfume