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Lay your hands on this

pileofjunkDid you see this great post over at Olfactoria about organizing your perfume collection? Large or small, our collections oppress us as much as they delight us, clearly. I felt so much better to find out I wasn’t the only one who has trouble finding what I want. I feel so stupid tweeting “Where TF is the Neroli sample???” but that is in fact what I spend too much time thinking. Frequently at night after my beloved goes to sleep I will wander the house looking for something I want to wear or just to lay my hands on. Most of the time I find it.

But I also love the number of people who said they like to rotate things through. I’ve never been a person who divided perfumes up by season but I love the idea of pawing through the bottles periodically to remind oneself of what one owns. There are many hidden gems in the drawers where I keep my full bottles (V’E extrait! My precious Diorissimo!) that I forget I own even when I adore them.

And when I’m off a particular kick, I forget what I have in that category. I’m a huge lily fan but forgot about the Diorissimo (how can you FORGET Diorissimo??) and now that spring has been given a miss and we are plunged straight into summer, it’s almost too late to drag it out. But I am enjoying having it to pet anyway!

The related problem is of course deciding what of all these things to wear. I find myself falling back on “safe” choices too many days because I can’t figure out exactly what I want to wear. Something can be tickling at the back of my mind but without time to listen to the tickle I don’t know quite what it was. Then I get bored with one of the safe choices and rotate it with another safe choice!

That’s partly why I was so pleased to lay my hands on Organza Indecence yesterday. One of my favorites, but it doesn’t go with every day in my life. It was exactly what I wanted at the time, straddling the line perfectly between the woody, spicy scents I’ve been wearing so much of this winter and my beloved vanillic gourmands. Perfect.

I wonder how often we feel like we’ve picked the perfect perfume for the day, or for the occasion? Whether the collection at hand is large or small?

Image is ‘Townsville’s Famous “Pile of Junk”‘ by Orin Zebest via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license; some rights reserved.

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2 comments to Lay your hands on this

  • I feel the same way about reaching for “safe” scents. I know it’s not exactly what I want, but I’m too rushed or overwhelmed to figure out what it is I want.

    I also agree that it is a good idea to paw through one’s collection every now and then. I sometimes forget what I still have and what I gave away.

  • I made it slightly easier for myself since I decided not to wear samples. With just full bottles and decants it’s easier to choose what to wear.

    The toughest part of my perfume organizing is entering new samples into the database. I try not to start testing anything until I put all the information in the database. So sometimes my samples don’t get tested for months just because I’m too lazy to go through the entering data.

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