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They got me

Olfactif made their first sale to me. I cannot stop wearing White, by Undergreen.

Obviously I’ve demonstrated in the past a high tolerance for bullshit advertising. Probably it is more harmless to pretend that your perfume is some secret formula of Marie Antoinette’s than it is to claim, as Undergreen does, that all its ingredients . . . → Read More: They got me

Overlooked dewy gem

What’s your favorite overlooked gem?

Sometimes while you’re swimming in rarities and art you have to learn to appreciate, you overlook that which is easy to get and easy to understand.

I don’t think L’Eau de Chloé gets enough blog love. This is a lovely, pretty dewy rose with a touch of fresh greenness . . . → Read More: Overlooked dewy gem


A month since I posted? Huh?

I really do have things to say. But y’know. Stuff, plus work, and the world’s a little real right now. I’d like to chat about how Enslaved is actually reminding me more of vintage Vol de Nuit than Shalimar like I thought it did on first wearing. But Texas . . . → Read More: Whu?