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shockedA month since I posted? Huh?

I really do have things to say. But y’know. Stuff, plus work, and the world’s a little real right now. I’d like to chat about how Enslaved is actually reminding me more of vintage Vol de Nuit than Shalimar like I thought it did on first wearing. But Texas is outlawing having a uterus, black people aren’t going to be allowed to vote in at least four states, and don’t even get me started on that Florida trial. I’m happy about the gay marriage. I’m happy about that.

What have I been wearing? I’ve been thinking about Ari’s question at Scents of Self. As per usual, some great blogger tosses out a great question and I think about it a lot but of course don’t formulate an actual answer in words. This one was about workhorses. What are my workhorse scents?

It rotates. Right now, it’s Dries van Noten (that shit is just good), Roja Dove’s Neroli (whyyyyyy do I like it so much? I don’t know, I just do,) in addition to the usuals – Petite Robe Noire, vintage Vol de Nuit, and for summer, Lubin’s Gin Fizz. I pawed through and pulled out some new things to wear for the hot weather – DSH Pamplemousse, Ava Luxe Roses, L’eau de Chloé. Jasmin 17 is still good, and I’m glad I didn’t buy a bigger bottle of RD Mischief because I’m not wearing it as much as I thought I would (that’s always the way). Parfum1 is selling Slumberhouse Ore again, and I don’t care if it fell off the back of a truck or what – I bought some. I don’t really get why everyone’s so nuts for Bombay Bling – it’s a floral vanilla, and surely we have those? But it’s pretty. I’m enjoying Olfactif. I know lots of other ppl are all “Eh, I have these already”, but I often don’t and the spray samples incline me to really wear it, instead of just smell it. It already caused me to buy a FB of After my Own Heart. Which I liked already but didn’t buy.

It’s hot as hell – we broke the planet, people, this is it and my farm share is dwindling because half of it drowned and the other half melted – and I’m sick of sitting in the loud air conditioning in my apartment, but mighty glad for it. The air conditioning at work only half-works so it’s about 83 in there and just makes me sleepy as hell by mid afternoon.

Miss you all. Still reading.

Image is “Shock-ed” by David Goehring, via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license; some rights reserved.

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