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Perfume habits

Do you beat yourself up about your perfume habit? Can I encourage you to not? This is an indulgent hobby we are participating in, for sure, but it’s relatively harmless. It’s certainly not as bad for me as the Godiva chocolates I had for Thanksgiving. Yes, it does a lot of damage to the pocketbook, . . . → Read More: Perfume habits

O little town: The Scent of Music joint blogging event

Do you like that classic Christmas song? I love “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, it’s so soulful and low and sweet. When I hear this song, I can smell that little town as well as see it. It’s an image in my mind that is no more real than any image of a town painted . . . → Read More: O little town: The Scent of Music joint blogging event

New kitty chez Unseen Censer!

As regular readers know, I’ve been without a kitty for most of the year. I did not take my kittyless situation lightly, but I didn’t want to rush into a new kitty relationship. Except for dorms in college, I’ve never lived in a home without a cat. A home without a cat seems empty, unfinished. . . . → Read More: New kitty chez Unseen Censer!


Fun! I finally got around to doing the draw from my Giving post – thanks to everyone who dropped by and commented.

I used and of the seven folks, The Scented Hound came up top!

So I’ll be contacting you, Mr. Scented Hound, to arrange mailing!

Happy holidays!

— Image is “Party [Re]Mix Cupcakes” . . . → Read More: Giveaway!


It’s giving Tuesday, and uncharacteristically, I have a giveaway!

Before I get to the stuff to give to you, let me share some other ideas for giving. I read that perfume is the #4 most common holiday gift, and if you look at the blogrolls on this site you’ll find a ton of gift-giving ideas; . . . → Read More: Giving!