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New kitty chez Unseen Censer!

moosekittyAs regular readers know, I’ve been without a kitty for most of the year. I did not take my kittyless situation lightly, but I didn’t want to rush into a new kitty relationship. Except for dorms in college, I’ve never lived in a home without a cat. A home without a cat seems empty, unfinished. Kind of sad.

I did some shopping over the summer, and was frustrated on all turns; but I also realized I didn’t want a new kitty, I wanted my old kitty. The best kitty in the world. She was so good. I had to get past that first, because the hard truth was I couldn’t have my kitty back. It was a new kitty, or nothing. And I had to be ready to let the new kitty be a different kitty. Time only moves forward, not backwards.

I’ve kept looking, here and there. I toyed with the idea of adopting an adult being let go from a purebreed breeder. I’d subscribed to a Twitter feed, Retired Friends-Cats, which tells you when a purebred cat becomes available.

I had no real attachment to a purebred cat, having been raised to always rescue a rescue, but I did feel like it might be my one chance to get a purebred if I wanted to try it. I’ve had only 2 cats in 30 years; I don’t change pets often. It was kind of nice to consider one of those animals, though I have a very complicated relationship to purebred animals. It’s a whole big thing.

ANYway, while surfing sites for Maine Coon cats retired from breeding, I came across a cat listed as a Maine Coon mix, and rather than being a state away (or many states away), she was in a shelter just half an hour away, on the island. And she was scheduled to go for an adoption event on Sunday.

I couldn’t figure out why such a gorgeous cat hadn’t been adopted yet (she’d been there since June), but I didn’t want to take a chance that someone might decide on her as a holiday gift to themselves – not before I got to meet her. I drove up to the shelter, which was really nice but still a shelter, you know? It was a no-kill shelter where cats had to be essentially endowed to get a place there, and could stay there forever if they didn’t get adopted. The whole place was given over to the cats – no cages. Really nice for a shelter. (So often shelters are depressing for everyone including the animals!)

The princess floofball above had been living in a stairwell for a month, though, because she wouldn’t eat when she was around other cats. She didn’t interact and didn’t seem to be having any fun. Now let me be clear: this cat is ENORMOUS. She could stand to miss some meals. But people get nervous about those kinds of things in a shelter, so in a gorgeous two-story shelter with tons of rooms and furniture to climb on, she was living in the stairwell, and on Prozac.

Yes. I have a cat who is on Prozac. Back in my day, that sort of thing didn’t happen.

So I took her home.

I’m leaning towards Princess Moose for her name because she’s a moose for sure – when she’s more settled I’ll have to post more photos with something in it for scale – but also Princess because she has a kind of a delicate mew, and a kind of gentle “Can’t someone deal with this?” kind of disempowerment in her eyes.

She’s been to visit my vet – the practice focuses almost exclusively on cats and they have a lot of cat specialists. Lots of vets aren’t actually up to date on cat diseases or their care, as people in the U.S. tend to spend more on health care for their dogs than their cats. (I know that isn’t true of the crowd of people who will be reading this. But overall it’s the case.) The vet we consulted with says she’s healthy, the same age as advertised (she’s about four), and her dry coat will clear up with a better quality diet. She should stay on the Prozac while she adjusts to her new environment, then we can wean her off of it.

She’s not a big mover, by which I mean she’s kind of a rug ornament. So far her activity has consisted of laying on the floor, and laying on the floor in a different position. (Except for two mornings of waking us up meowing at dawn because THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING.) But I adopted my previous cat from a shelter where she’d been for six months, and I know it takes a lot of time to adjust to the world after so much time behind bars. She’s eating and purring, and her primary form of interaction is to roll over as soon as you pet her and show you her ENORMOUS FLOOFY BELLY so you can brush it. Yes.

Photos of floofy belly will undoubtedly happen.

SO. That’s why I was too excited to do the draw. Also busy and distracted.

Life goes on.

With a cat.

As it should.

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20 comments to New kitty chez Unseen Censer!

  • Princess Floofball is one gorgeous kitty. Congratulations on adopting her!

    • Judith

      Thank you! I think she has a much prettier face than shows in this picture (which was taken at the shelter). I look forward to photospamming you all with more pics of her in future!

  • OMG!
    I am so happy for you! YAY! Maine Coons are awesome!
    We just decorated the tree last night, and that’s when we both truly started missing the cat. She was usually a pain in the tuckas about the tree.
    … we may not be long behind you as far as adoption goes.

  • Cheryl

    She is beautiful, and fortunate. Congratulations!

    • Judith

      Thank you! I hope she feels that way soon. She DOES NOT WANT the Prozac, I can tell you that. She DOES want the belly brushing. Fuzzy freakazoid. (I’ve never had a cat that let me touch her belly.)

  • Congrats on the new baby!!! I’m with you, a home without a cat just doesn’t seem quite right!

    • Judith

      Nope! Plus it took me months to get over the house sounds. “Oh, that’s probably just the cat out there.” “WAIT A MINUTE, THERE’S NO CAT OUT THERE!”

  • Ari

    PRINCESS PROZAC??? #justsayin
    We demand more pictures!!!

    • Judith

      Ha!!! You are quite right. Though hopefully within the month she will be off the Prozac and high on life. We’ll see.

      Her coat is already looking better with the better quality food, just like the vet said.

  • Annie


    Congratulations! Splendid. Awww. This is one of the most touching stories of this holiday season for me, anyway. Love. That’s what it is all about.

    You and Princess were made for each other. Peas in a pod. Thirty minutes away, I mean, c’mon? How on earth is that not magical.

    Your experience of true love with your other angels is only a glimpse for Princess of how her life will be changed forever. Princess could never be expected to be your old buddy; you just needed your time to become vulnerable enough to the rough kisses of a new baby.

    Bombard me with pictures. I can’t wait!

    • Judith


      I feel kinda odd that she was sitting in that shelter all summer, waiting for me. But then, I wasn’t ready.

      I do want to explain to her that she has hit the jackpot of cat mommies. But then, she’ll figure it all out with time.

      It’s so weird already because in some ways she’s just what I expect, and then she’ll do something that I didn’t expect at all! Like brace her paws on me while I’m brushing her tummy. And her tummy fur is *curly*! Weird details.

      I’m looking forward to getting to know her better!

      A friend of mine with adopted children has said that they don’t warn you that you’re not in love right away. You fall in love. I’m waiting to fall in love with this kitty; but we’re getting along just fine.

      Someday she will forgive me for giving her (apparently nasty-tasting) Prozac every day. 🙁

      More pics WILL HAPPEN!

  • Aw, look at that Maine Coon face. Dat face! Please provide some to-scale photos? I’m delaying on recatting until my fiance and I are living together, and I have The Cat Hunger.

    • Judith

      Will do – I was thinking of Northey while I was shopping Maine Coon cats, and she’s nowhere near his size. Certainly a mix. But a much bigger kitty than my previous one!

      It’s odd to think that this can and maybe one more after her, and that might well be my lifetime’s supply. I hope these cats forgive me in the next life for whatever I’ve done wrong in this one. We certainly are traveling together.

  • Annie

    Imagine if she wasn’t on the Prozac! She’ll thank you, in her own little oddball way. Poor little thing needs it.

    That is an interesting comparison, between both furry and non-furry adopted children. That was an interesting nugget that you taught me about adopted love.

    I think that there is a dance when there is a rescue. A hesitation on each part, especially when your heart has been broken through a rescue prior.
    When Princess is off her Prozac, she’ll feel that trust. My gut says you have fallen head over paws already, but are a little scared. You may be coexisting now, but you are noticing all of the little nuances and tricksies. She is showing you her little tricksies.

    Curly tummy fur? I want to love that! Wrapping little paws around you. O. Judith. You have passed that time. You are in lurve. You just need to sniff the Coon fur and you are done.

    And yes, you are an awesome mommy, already. Make sure you have tons of memory in your camera and lots of frames ready in your house. Princess has invaded.

    Pics for us!

    By the way, my little angel is curled up next to me. She totally owns me.

    • Judith

      Thank you, my dear. So far it really has primarily been tough, and there hasn’t been much joy to be had. But I am having faith, that an adoption like this doesn’t ever go the way you expect, and that farther down the road she and I will be able to enjoy each other. She won’t be my Harleykitty, but she will be herself, princess Fuzzybelly Moosie, and hopefully she will be happy here. I really hope she will.

      If she ever comes out from under anything, I will try to get some more pictures! (Right now she is FARTHER below the furniture, not out from under them, and not visible, under a futon mattress. But that’s just today. We’ll see how life goes. She IS extremely beautiful. I am very shallow when it comes to my kitties, a big sucker for looks! 🙂 )

      You should write more about your little angel! How nice that you know how much she owns you! You are wise.

  • What a gorgeous cat!!! I wish you both many wonderful and healthy years together.

    Maine Coons are talkers so be prepared – especially once she’s off her medication.

    But what a beauty!

    • Judith

      She is so very beautiful! Thank you.

      We’ll see if she develops any talking habits! She liked to meow early in the morning the first few days, but hasn’t since. It’s all so up and down, with the variations in medication and the struggles of getting it into her, but hopefully she will be willing to be more photographed soon! She’ll never be the camera star Rusty is, but perhaps she’ll do a few glamour shots.

  • You are united with your new buddy. Good luck. She looks fabulous and I am so happy that a cat was rescued to live in love that I’m a bit dewy.
    Portia xx

    • Judith

      Thank you, Portia! Yes, she’s part of my home now, poor little fuzzball. I hope she finds it a good home to be in eventually! There have been some signs that at night there is mouse-playing-with, and venturing onto the chair next to the window, so hopefully she will progress from there to owning the castle someday1

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