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Cotton candy that feels Smart

Builder with cotton candyIncreasingly I’m thinking of perfumes in terms of shapes. When I say that something blew up into a hollow bubble, that’s really what it feels like to me: no substance, but an aura almost solidified into a shell. It might even be shaped like an igloo, with a beginning in a different shape, or something with two shapes embedded inside each other.

So when I say that I picture Andrea Maack’s Smart like cotton candy, I don’t mean it smells like cotton candy. I mean it’s kind of shaped like cotton candy. It’s a plushy cloud of a scent, not cozy or warm, but a loose veil of threads of musk, vanilla, and the creamy sweetness of sandalwood.

The “buckskin” note that you see listed is meant to be a sort of dry smooth leathery note. I don’t know if that’s how I would describe it, but there’s definitely something in Smart that differentiates it from, I daresay, every other gourmand you can find. I love the Thierry Mugler Parfums de Cuir but even they are heavier than Smart; I doubt that the ingredient used to create a “leather” impression is the same. I don’t know.

Maack’s perfumes are a bit odd and seldom distributed; I don’t hear enough about them. They’re based on the artist’s visual art, which is an esoteric enough origin story as it is. Perhaps the simple bottles don’t draw people in when they do have a chance to smell them.

But I recommend this whole line. They’re all interesting and creative, not like anything else, and yet extremely wearable.

Last night in the middle of the night I was awake for a few hours, as can happen, and somehow all I wanted was Smart. Does that ever happen to you? As it goes when that does occur, nothing else would do; I couldn’t really concentrate on relaxing and sleeping till I had a snort of the fume that my brain was revolving around. With some of the beautiful Smart on my skin, I felt cooler and calmer and pretty, wrapped in that cloud that was plush without being enveloping – if it’s cotton candy, it’s cotton candy woven of leather threads, vanilla pod seeds, the perfect musk molecules, and shavings of soft-smelling wood.

Perfect for this transitional season, this Maack perfume doesn’t make me feel Smart; it makes me happy. And that’s my wearing criterion par excellence.

Image is “Cotton Candy (Explored)” by Kate Ter Haar, via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license; some rights reserved.

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