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Merry Candy Perfume Wedding

Green leaf - alien skinToday the Candy Perfume Boy, well-known perfume reviewer and the fellow who made me fall in love with all fumes Mugler, is getting married.

After weeks, perhaps months of speculation, Thomas revealed that his wedding fragrance is .mito by vero profumo. So in honor of his wedding, I’m wearing .mito today and decided to review it.

(I would totally wear Tobacco Rose in honor of Nigel as well, except I don’t have any. Nonetheless, congratulations Nigel, and you also smell fantastic! I’m going to have to get some of this to try.)

Sometimes I fantasize about simplifying my whole perfume collection down to just one line. .mito is, to my nose, a practically perfect green perfume, in pretty much the same way as .rubj (Rubj?) is a perfect white floral. vero profumo would be an awesome line to be my one-and-only line, except 1) I totally can’t wear either .kiki or .onda and 2) I can’t do without a bunch of other perfumes.

The description of .mito indicates that it has white flowers in it, and that would totally be appropriate for Thomas, who is a lover of big ol’ white flower bouquet scents. On my skin the flowers are in the background. It’s green, not sheer, not juicy, but pure, with the citrus elements just intensifying and amplifying the green without an iota of sourness to it. In its spine I smell perhaps a hint of lavender, which might just be me; it just has that bracing outdoors freshness to it. The flowers flesh out the background, fat crisp petals giving it texture as if you could eat them. It would be perfect on a man in a tux. Even better on a man in a marriage ceremony.

I don’t know when I’ve ever smelled anything fresher, and all without the least hint of laundry musk. It’s real freshness, and I couldn’t think of a better scent for a young man starting out married life – which is always new, no matter how long a couple has been together.

Wedding scents are a hot topic even among people who aren’t perfume-heads. Among perfume lovers, it’s an almost immobilizing question: what do you want to smell on the big day, the day you’re joining your life to someone else’s, the smell that you will forever associate with the public acknowledgement of your love and legal union?

It’s an odd institution, marriage: the very public display and celebration of an intimate relationship, something that is essentially very private. Perfume is odd too, and discussing it even more so: talking (or blogging) about how you smell. It’s personal, isn’t it? So perhaps it’s not too surprising that two intimate topics are so often related.

Thomas’ approach to scent is always to educate others about it but above all to enjoy it and to encourage others to do so too. It’s the perfect blend of the personal and the public, as good blogging must be. This cheerfully hedonistic approach to perfume and the sharing of it makes all of us who’ve encountered him in the perfume world so happy to wish him an equally delightful joy in his wedding day. I hope it’s filled with nothing but beautiful sights, sounds, tastes, and yes, scents.

Image is Green leaf alien by @Doug88888, via Flickr; used under Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

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2 comments to Merry Candy Perfume Wedding

  • Oh this is so lovely, thank you! It really made me smile!

    Mito is such a beautiful perfume and you have captured it perfectly here.

    • Judith

      You guys made getting married look good!

      So many very old friends from Philadelphia in Pennsylvania have been busting out the marriage licenses and getting legally hitched in the last few days, I’m quite teary-eyed. Lots of them had commitment ceremonies or other legal arrangements years and years ago, and I strongly believe in eloping with small civil ceremonies, so that’s all right and good. But I love all the traditional ceremony of your wedding and you let people share in it by helping pick your wedding perfume (such a perfumista thing to do!). So we should all be celebrating with you!

      Looking forward to the honeymoon pics! 🙂

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