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Sorry. I’ve been a Bisy Backson.

buttercupcrankySO I moved. And I took a class. I helped hold a conference, presented at another one, took a different class. Work went a bit haywire. And I’m still unpacking.

I’ve been doing some other things for my fun down time than perfume. A bit of writing, and setting up my house. Now that I can FIND all my perfume, I’m actually probably enjoying it as much or more than ever. I just haven’t felt the urge to write about it.

The house makes me nervous. When good things happen to me, I don’t like it. I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. It makes me nervous and cranky. (Feel bad for my poor husband. Falling in love with him – well, it probably wasn’t that much fun for him. I hate people who say they love falling in love. It sucks.)

The cat is happy and healthy. Last night I caught her actually scratching one of her scratching posts. Like a cat.

Something horrible will probably happen.

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3 comments to Sorry. I’ve been a Bisy Backson.

  • Congratulations on all accounts!

    Just want to clarify: you do realize that the expression “waiting for the other shoe to drop” in this context means that you’re expecting for another good thing to happen but, for whatever reason, you feel nervous about it? ;-P

    Everything will be… regular: there will be some good things and some bad things. And some good things again. And so forth.

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