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2014 in Perfume for the Unseen Censer

What do you remember most from your year in perfume?

I think mostly this year I surprised myself. Never heard of Pierre de Velay (nor, probably, have you, since it’s a line Roja Dove keeps exclusive to his Harrods parfumerie); nonetheless, when I managed to stop in on my way through London perfume shopping . . . → Read More: 2014 in Perfume for the Unseen Censer

Wrapping up 2014: Personal

It’s been an odd year for me in a lot of ways, and it’s affected my relationship with perfume.

We moved. I was so careful to bring all my precious small glass bottles with me, hand-carrying them in separate boxes before I moved anything else, stacking them in protected space in one of the . . . → Read More: Wrapping up 2014: Personal