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Cheap buttery thrill: Adam Levine for Her

rollercoasterAre we supposed to be too strong for shopping therapy now? Is the phrase anti-feminist? I can’t remember.

However you slice it, I needed some shopping therapy last night, and TJ Maxx really delivered.

I found a remaindered bottle of Aniston (I’d always liked it enough as a beachy type summer fragrance but figured I’d get a bottle when one fell into my hands for the right price – well, 14.99 turned out to be the right price), and a bottle of Adam Levine for Her for 7.99.

Folks, I couldn’t be more tickled with this stuff if I’d won it at a carnival and it had offered to drive me home. What is supposed to apparently be “saffron” mostly reads to me as buttery, and while benzoin is specifically listed in the notes, it’s not the type of benzoin that overwhelms me and stuffs itself up my nose. The spices are somehow unpredictable. Maybe it’s the saffron? But this doesn’t remind me of cake or mulled cider or curry; it doesn’t remind me at all. It’s a beautiful non-foody blend that takes a slight edge off what might otherwise be too pretty; it’s inviting without being cozy; it is utterly snuggleable without being cloying.

Maybe part of why I like it is that it has absolutely no predictable top notes. No citrus, no green, no lavender, no aldehydes; the thing just goes on like your favorite T-shirt and you can wear it and enjoy it without ever thinking about it again if you don’t want to. It’s that comfortable and that flattering.

adamlevineforherThe vanilla core, too, is not too sweet; I can see why they might want to market it as “for Her” but the box is so unisex and the vanilla is too – as long as guy doesn’t mind a bottle shaped a bit like a microphone (that is, as long as the guy isn’t hypersensitive regarding phallic objects displayed in his dressing area), I don’t know why a guy couldn’t wear this too. I have to see if there’s an Adam Levine for Him, and if so, what the supposed matching opposite gender is supposed to wear.

I made a note to myself based on someone else’s review that I would try this and maybe blind buy it if I saw it; I did and it was cheap and I’m so pleased. I will be wearing this quite a bit. On a price per wearing, this might be one of the best perfume values I’ve ever purchased.

I checked the second of the three TJ Maxx’s in our area to see if they had perhaps a backup bottle. Rest assured, before the week is out I’ll be checking out the third.

Image is “Smile, Smile beautiful girl” by Leonardo Pires, via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license; some rights reserved. Image of the packaging is sales image swiped off the net.

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3 comments to Cheap buttery thrill: Adam Levine for Her

  • Das

    Yay! I completely agree. It’s nice to find someone else who likes it too. A few years ago, I read an early review from Natalie at the now gone Another Perfume Blog and she absolutely hated it. Kinda the same way I feel about Chanel Chance. In contrast, I find ALFH an extremely wearable unisex, rose and dry woods, not sweet like the typical celebuscents, and very good quality for the price. I had a decent sized decant from a friend but then happily snagged my 50 mL bottle from Nordstrom Rack. (I’ve also seen it plenty of times at Marshalls/TJM too). I get a similar vibe from GIRL, but this is much better IMO. Girl was so scratchy, I felt like I had a sore throat all day from one Sephora spray.

    • Judith

      Hmm, I can see the relationship to Girl but didn’t make the connection – Girl seems so much more lavender to me, and really ALFH (I’m wearing it today!) still seems more buttery than anything else, a sort of verrrrry slight ambery vanilla in the background of skin and butter. (Very sexy, to my mind.:-) ) Totally a great Marshalls/TJM find – I will have to look at Nordstrom Rack too for a backup bottle! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

      • Das

        Ahh yes, I get your description of ‘buttery’. For me, I sometimes get that sense from perfumes that have a certain musk I think. I think of it as a scent that is past my noses’s ability to perceive/process the musk and therefore morphs into a buttery quality. …on second thought, maybe it’s actually benzoin that has this effect for me. Very interesting

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