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Thought on shopping

Here’s what I’ve learned about shopping that has slowed me down a tad:

Things I’m not sure about turn out to be poor investments. If I spend much time wondering if I really like it or not, turns out I won’t wear it that much if I get it, no matter how “interesting” it is (or should be).

Things I flat-out love on first sniff are usually good investments in that I get a lot of wear out of them. Because I love them.


Things that I love flat-out at first sniff tend to be rather similar. So until/unless I develop a new taste, my purchasing does flatten out. The type of vanillas I love… I have them all. Rose craving? I don’t care for the jammier kind and do have plenty of the greener fresher kind or the deeper incense kind. Tea? Peaches? Amber? I have collections of the kinds I like. And it is starting to get rare to find something in any particular category that I like better than the ones I have.

So until I develop a new interest/craving (I’m looking at you, iris,) I slow down.

There’s that.

Also I’ve had something stuck between my teeth all week. Don’t you hate when that happens?

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