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Roses for winter

poisonI just am dying for roses this time of year. Not for Valentine’s Day (I don’t need them dying in my kitchen, I much prefer the sunny bright bouquet my beloved brought me), but around me.

Did you read Undina’s post on her rose equation? It made me think of so many roses I wear: Le Labo Rose 31, Atelier Rose Anonyme, Amouage Homage (and Lyric, though I don’t seem to get as much rose from it as everyone else does) and on a warm day Eau de Chloe or Balenciaga Florabotanica. Caron’s Parfum Sacre has that incense and pepper that makes me think, so distinctive.

There are so many more great ones: I have found and am wearing in dabs my precious Guerlain Attrape-Coeur, that heartaching impossible to find beauty that features jammy rose, vanilla, and musk – not unlike Lush’s limited edition Christmas scent Rose Jam, or even much-sung often-loved Tocade. I also adore my Juliette Has a Gun Oil Fiction – a much more findable and wearable rose beauty. I know there’s rose in a bunch of other things, right down to the common scent called China Rain (I like Ava Luxe’s, and indeed Ava Luxe’s Roses soothes many a rose craving) and even rose essential oil.

What’s your rose poison?

Image is “poison” by Rachel.Adams, via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

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4 comments to Roses for winter

  • I wore Homage today (thank you! 🙂 ) but I would have never called it a rose perfume. At least much less than Lyric. It’s interesting that you and I are on the opposite impressions from these two perfumes.
    One more rose that I enjoy these days is Taauer’s Une Rose Vermeille.

    • Judith

      Yes, that one has exactly the jammy type of rose (overdose of damascones, I suspect) that I do not like in a rose perfume. That’s partly why I haven’t tried his PHI rose yet. That and the fact that it’s a limited-harvest type of thing and it scares me to fall in love with something like that. (Even though one bottle of perfume could demonstrably last me the rest of my life, at the rate I go through it.)

  • I’m with you- mostly rose 31 (or rose ikebana). I still dream of JAR’s bed of roses and I hoard the drops I have left of sip’s prima ballerina and fleur d’the rose Bulgare. And for teaching days, Stella (don’t judge me!) love, love love roses!

    • Judith

      No judging – I’ve heard Stella is so good, I should get my hands on some. I had some more than ten years ago, I think, but haven’t kept up with it.

      I should try Rose Ikebana. I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of JAR’s Bed of Roses (and I have visited the JAR boutique). Does JAR still make it?

      I forgot about Guerlain’s Rose Barbare, that’s another rose I like.

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