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Resistance is futile

borgcubeWhen you fall in love with a perfume, how long can you wait till you have to have it?

I am making myself wait till I reach the end of the billing month to acquire what will be a relatively tame purchase. I’ve only smelled the perfume twice – once I fell madly, mouthwateringly in love with it and had that sensation of “This is all I will wear this spring!” (Which predictions of perfume monogamy never come true.) The second time the cold or my skin ate it and I couldn’t smell it much at all. I need to give this a third wearing before I pull the trigger, and I need to stick within my budget, and I need not to give in to the “acquire acquire acquire” impulse.

I have to say, though, I’ve learned over the years that the perfumes that hit me that way are the ones I am happiest to have in my collection and wear the most.

What is a reasonable length of time to wait before buying a FB? Do you (virtuously) use up a decant before you invest in a FB (something I’ve learned to do instead of blind buying but never seem to be able to do when I’ve sniffed something and have to have it). Are you able to wait for sales, or holiday gifts, to acquire something?

Image is of a Borg cube, undoubtedly © to someone who isn’t me, swiped off the net because it’s a Star Trek kind of weekend. I will miss you, Mr. Nimoy.

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4 comments to Resistance is futile

  • hajusuuri

    Good questions, Judith! I’m a serial spontaneous perfume buyer and so sometimes buy “largish” (any amount up to 100 mLs) “samples” 😉

    I have some perfumes where I’ve waited a bit before purchasing in anticipation of a Beauty Event (e.g. BdI extrait from Saks). The one that is currently on my wait until an event to purchase is the vintage. version of JAR Golconda. I somehow missed the get $ off for purchasing $$$ in January at Bergdorf. It is in the 4 digits so I definitely want to wait. Please enable me with a nudge if you hear when that event is happening. In the meantime, I am dutifully collecting BG and NM gift cards to defray the cost whenever that purchase happens 🙂

    P.S. I am not virtuous when it comes to finishing decants before triggering a buy. I also did a tiny bit of damage at Chanel yesterday 🙂

    • Judith

      Do you use up the 100 mls, though? I’ve done the same thing and it’s crazy because I use up like 5 mls of it.

      Waiting for a sale seems TOTALLY reasonable. There are CERTAINLY things that are on my “when this comes around at a reasonable price, buy it” list. Honestly, though, I still seem less satisfied with those than the immediate satisfaction buys. (I’m still totally thrilled with the SoOud Ouris I bought when we were at Bendel’s closing sale, for instance, and I probably haven’t worn it more than I’ve worn Jul et Mad Amour de Palazzo, for which I waited till I could get a good buy on to get a full bottle).

      Thank goodness Chanel is not my weakness. Sadly, so many other brands are. 🙂

      PS If we see each other any time soon I will gladly pass along my sample of Le Petite Robe Noire Couture which has also now been superseded by a full bottle. 🙂

  • Das

    My problem is more the blind buying and sales and combination of both. I have a pretty hard time spending $4-6 on 1 mL of product. It just kills me! so I usually hate buying samples and go straight for the bigger amount if I’ve read review after review praising something (in a style or note family that I truly love). Especially if there’s a promotion like extra points, GWP, a sale, or finding something at Marshalls/TJM. Bah. I used to do the blind buy more regularly when I was a perfume noob, but now recognize now how vulnerable I am to ‘getting a deal’ and make more effort to think rationally about it. Every once in a while it still creeps up on me though.

    • Judith

      I no longer have a problem spending $4-6 per ml, as I have found it saves me so much more in the long run, as even a cheap bottle is bound to be $30 or more – and if I don’t love it, not worth it! I also tend NOT to want to buy department store fragrances anywhere but a reputable store as I am too afraid that they will be counterfeit.

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