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Collection Frustration

screamWhen does your collection give you more annoyance than pleasure? Right now I’m in a slightly unhappy moment in the relationship. I own both the EDP and the parfum of Mahora and can’t find either one; and as I search I uncover samples and tiny decants that have dried up. (In two cases larger 10 ml decants that make me kind of wistful.) Those 3 ml spray bottles cannot be trusted.

Also, though I have a pretty good system of records, it’s not perfect. I could have sworn I had a sample of Bendelirious and wanted to drag it out recently when EauMG was writing about it. But my records indicated I did not. Seemed odd to me (as I have thought hard about this perfume in the past) but nothing I could do about it. Now while I’m rooting through other things – boom, there it is, the sample of Bendelirious I was pretty sure existed. Yes, better to find it than not to find it, but what use is it if it isn’t there when I want it?

I’m also cranky with myself because I’ve had a rather insane day of perfume-wishing-shopping. There really isn’t a perfume I would die to get, not at all. But what ought to be the pleasant task of perhaps (ONLY PERHAPS!) spending a birthday gift check on a bottle I’ve wanted for a long time leads me down a path of yet more desire. There’s something to NOT wanting more, but I don’t seem to have the knack. Do I need a backup bottle of DSH Divine Gardens? No, Profumo del Forte’s Roma Imperiale is so much more to my taste these days! But I’ve been collecting irises this last year and still don’t have any Iris Silver Mist; should I try to find some? But it’s never grabbed me when I’ve sampled it. Should I just give in and get the LPRN Eau Fraiche I’ve been coveting? Yeah, because I need ANOTHER full bottle of a La Petite Rober Noire flanker. I just got Couture a few months ago. But good lord, I have all these things I own and haven’t been wearing (*pulls out bottles as I paw through things*). Where did I put my Tunguska Blast? I hope it’s in the nightstand. Lord, I never even opened that Amouage Fate? Was I working my way through all the samples/decants first? DID I work my way through all the samples/decants?

Why the HELL don’t I just break down and get the bottle of Scent of Hope I’ve been wanting all year?? It’s an iris and gorgeous and perfect for the season. (News flash: this is probably what I will get.)

Lest you think I am in an insane shopping frenzy, let me point out that I just finished one of the cheapest quarters of perfume buying I have had since I fell down the rabbithole. Yes. It’s just that collecting right now feels so… fraught…

Plus this week I wore YSL Parisienne and it was so boring, I’m actually kind of mad at myself for keeping it this long. (It was one of the first bottles I got myself when I started down the rabbithole and I think I was mostly keeping it for sentiment.) But then do I just toss it or try to sell it? I didn’t know to keep the box back then – and I think it’s one of the ones where the top notes fade away when you’ve kept it too long. It’s not really pink any more like it was. I need to toss it. In that drawer I see both the parfum and the EDP of Bill Blass Nude, which I should really wear more often – it’s SO pretty and I worry about the longevity of parfum in stopper bottles…

Meanwhile, where the FUCK did I put the Mahora?

That stupid concave disk-shaped bottle the parfum is in never used to be hard to keep track of. Did I try to do something clever with it? And if I did why can’t I at least find the spray?

And I really still have no idea where either the L’Artisan L’Eau du Navigateur or CBIHP Library have gone. They were both in the desk before the move. And this weather would be kind of perfect for both of them. They’re the only two things I’m sure I haven’t located since the move.

Except I’m wearing iris more these days. The inventory says I have a travel bottle of Iris Ukiyoe – where the hell did I put THAT?

Why did I buy more essential oils? Why did I buy the NEST sprays that called out to me at TJ Maxx? I think I thought I would use them to help clean the shower but they’re going to smell the whole place up if I try that and Mr. Censer will ‘splode.

Oh, THERE’S the Iris Ukiyoe – right with the other purse sprays, where it should be. I must have pulled it out of somewhere else and put it there months ago. Anyway, I should be wearing the Wall Street I just got a few months ago – I spent ages trying to decide what size purse spray to get of that, and there it is, I should wear it.

Plus I’m worried that the Carner Barcelona Rima XI I just bought (with credit card points, at least) smells too much like Andrea Maack Smart and I shouldn’t have. But I love them both and they just didn’t seem similar enough to me to avoid buying them both. But I can’t tell if that’s just because I REALLY LOVE THAT SMELL.

And I shouldn’t be buying anything else anyway. I just got the decant of VC&A Rose Velours I was dying for, and it’s gorgeous, and I scored a really good condition parfum of vintage Hermes Caleche off of eBay and really. CALM THE HELL DOWN.


Honestly, where did the Mahora go??

OK, here’s the dead soldiers. Only the first two I’m a bit sad for as I never really got a chance to wear them and they were pretty:

  • Guerlain Eau des Fleurs du Cedrat
  • Piguet Oud
  • Laura Tonatto Olire Deo Spray. I don’t even know what this was. It smells nice.
  • Montale Fleur d’Oranger
  • Bond No. 9 NY Amber
  • Montale Deep Roses
  • Le Labo Vanille 44 (fortunately I have tons more of this in a real bottle, whew)
  • Something in a rollerball, I suspect some vintage Miss Dior I decanted to carry and wear

Bye guys, I hardly knew ye. Seriously. I couldn’t swear to what any of you smelled like. Except the Le Labo. Well, and I do recall the Guerlain and the Piguet.

If any of you know where the Mahora is though…

Image is (scream) by greg westfall, via Flickr; used under Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

P.S. I have to say, my hands smell amazing from handling all these evaporated decants!

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7 comments to Collection Frustration

  • Katherine

    This was me two days ago! I’m having a perfumed PTSD attack reading this. Yes, Scent of Hope is really purchase worthy. No, I didn’t need Shalimar perfume initial. Purchased Four months ago and still unopened, but I’ll be damned if I can find my Angelique Encens before it drys up.

    • Judith

      Thank goodness it’s not only me! *clutches you*

      I suspect that if you didn’t need Parfum Initiale RIGHT THEN, you will need it at a later date. 🙂 And didn’t I read it was being changed?

      I also suspect that Scent of Hope *will* be my birthday scent. Appropriate, isn’t it? I will be happy to get some hope in a bottle – the lead-up to the birthday is always so brutal, and this one particularly has been tough. I don’t usually feel old but this year I feel ooooold. Which is odd because actually I’m having a much nicer year than I have in a long while! It’s all that little health crap that wears you down…

      Meanwhile, Angelique Encens has a yummy name. I must admit I don’t pay much attention to the Creed counter but you’re sending me to smell this next time I get the chance. Do you love it?

      I’ve been getting a lot of splits in little baggies and I just keep them in the baggies now. I think it helps keep them from evaporating.

  • Katherine

    Going back to school is kicking my ass. I can’t keep up with anything. I just keep thinking “just make it to June!” Creed discontinued this fragrance. I loved it. That’s why I hate that I lost it. Baggies are a very good idea.

    • Judith

      I think that is a very wise mantra. As long as no one is sick or on fire, just roll with that. I’m sorry you lost it too! I’m going to hope it will turn up. Mine usually do.

  • Cymbaline

    My Scent of Hope (FB) is yours if you’d like it – no charge. If yes, let me know and I’ll get a mailing address from you:)

    • Judith

      Oh my gosh, that seems too rare a bottle for a flat-out gift (though a lovely thought that I thank you for!). Sure you don’t want help selling it?

      • Cymbaline

        Like most perfumistas, I have more WAY more perfume than I can wear in a lifetime, and even though Scent of Hope is a gorgeous perfume, it’s just not “me” – it’s not getting used which makes me sad and I’d love for you to have it. Think of it as a trade – the bottle of perfume for the joy I get reading your posts…seems even-Steven to me!

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