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About the Unseen Censer

What is the Unseen Censer? An incense smoke dispenser, but one you can’t quite see – like a voice on the Internet. This is a blog of perfume reviews, thoughts, random reflections, and more than likely, Stuff I Think.

I acquire all my samples and bottles for myself. Interestingly, once you’ve been blogging for a while (even this little blog with its five readers), companies contact you and try to send you stuff to review. I do not accept any such solicitations. Therefore these are the impressions of someone who shops for perfume constantly but gets all her perfume the same way you do. I owe nothing to anyone for any type of donation and therefore get to say exactly what I think. I don’t intend to be mean but I do actively try to be honest.

As you may notice, there are no ads. I’d like to think at some point in the future I’ll be sad I said this, but I intend to keep this blog ad-free.

I am a teacher, technologist, writer, and manager. And I have way too many perfumes.

If you need to contact the Unseen Censer, you can, at

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