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2013 in perfumes: it’s ovah!

Wow, was 2013 over in a blink or what? Thing is, I felt like the year went really fast. Perfumes I bought in the spring still feel like new acquisitions to me.

In fact, it was my biggest splurge of the year – Roja Dove’s Amber Aoud – that still seems new. I am still . . . → Read More: 2013 in perfumes: it’s ovah!

New kitty chez Unseen Censer!

As regular readers know, I’ve been without a kitty for most of the year. I did not take my kittyless situation lightly, but I didn’t want to rush into a new kitty relationship. Except for dorms in college, I’ve never lived in a home without a cat. A home without a cat seems empty, unfinished. . . . → Read More: New kitty chez Unseen Censer!

Choosing is hard

Next to storage porn, there’s nothing that interests me more about other people’s perfume habits than picking something to wear. I love seeing other people’s Scent of the Day on Twitter or Facebook partly just because it gives me ideas about what to wear when, their associations with it or reasons for picking it, the . . . → Read More: Choosing is hard

Would you like some Sniffapalooza?

Maria Candida Gentile speaks at Sniffapalooza lunch.

I know there are a couple of readers of this blog who don’t always get to go to Sniffapalooza (at least one because she lives on the other side of the planet!) so I want to give a bit of a wrap-up. I fear it will be . . . → Read More: Would you like some Sniffapalooza?


A month since I posted? Huh?

I really do have things to say. But y’know. Stuff, plus work, and the world’s a little real right now. I’d like to chat about how Enslaved is actually reminding me more of vintage Vol de Nuit than Shalimar like I thought it did on first wearing. But Texas . . . → Read More: Whu?

Tripping with perfume

OMFG I am so tired. Are you guys tired? I’m exhausted.

For various reasons of the plot I didn’t get or take any time off these last five months. Then I decided to do all my Fun Things at once. One thing is clear: I need to organize my down time better. Or stop organizing . . . → Read More: Tripping with perfume