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On the other hand: value

OK, after all this defending of expensive perfume, let’s swing the other way for a while.

This week I’ve been snorting Bohemian Black, by House of Matriach, and my beloved vintage Vol de Nuit, which I was able to pick up at a relatively reasonable price from another perfume fanatic who was rehoming it.

If . . . → Read More: On the other hand: value

Elephant in the room

It’s not cool to whine, right?

I don’t want to be one of those websites where people come to complain. But there’s at least one company that I just cannot do business with any more. Their website is nonfunctional, the staff seem to be completely out to lunch; I’ve never had a transaction go smoothly. . . . → Read More: Elephant in the room

Hoard porn

Good lord, where have I been? Let’s get back into the swing of things with hoard porn. Everybody loves hoard porn.

This is the glass tray of small bottles that lives on my small bureau. These live on a glass tray because that damn Montale bottle leaked and melted a circle into the finish of . . . → Read More: Hoard porn


What are your favorite houses? It seems like every perfumista I meet or see online is a known fan of this or that house – they love L’Artisan, they’re a big Amouage ho (I’m a big Amouage ho), they adore Tauer perfumes or Jo Malone, and then of course there are the classics – Guerlain . . . → Read More: Houses

Perfume habits

Do you beat yourself up about your perfume habit? Can I encourage you to not? This is an indulgent hobby we are participating in, for sure, but it’s relatively harmless. It’s certainly not as bad for me as the Godiva chocolates I had for Thanksgiving. Yes, it does a lot of damage to the pocketbook, . . . → Read More: Perfume habits

O little town: The Scent of Music joint blogging event

Do you like that classic Christmas song? I love “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, it’s so soulful and low and sweet. When I hear this song, I can smell that little town as well as see it. It’s an image in my mind that is no more real than any image of a town painted . . . → Read More: O little town: The Scent of Music joint blogging event