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It’s got to be love or nothing

The plain truth is that I would do much better at holding down my perfume acquisition costs if I only bought things I truly loved. How well do you do?

I think one of the challenges is overintellectualizing the whole thing. I convince myself I want an amber or a vetiver. So I go shopping . . . → Read More: It’s got to be love or nothing

The appeal of the fanatic

One of my favorite writers growing up was James Herriot, and one of my favorite quotes was from a short story of his about getting accidentally drunk sampling homemade wine. “An enthusiast is appealing but a fanatic is irresistible,” is the way I remember the quote, and I think of it often as I pursue, . . . → Read More: The appeal of the fanatic

The delight of acquisition

En route to a much-needed vacation, I decided to do a whirlwind shopping tour for some perfume. By whirlwind I mean I literally spent 24 hours in London and 24 hours in Paris.

Lots to talk about, lovely things (and a lovely conversation with the lovely Sarah McCartney of 4160Tuesdays!, which I had SPECIFICALLY wanted . . . → Read More: The delight of acquisition

Why you need friends: NEST body products and perfume

One of the gifts in the goody bag at Sniffapalooza’s Fall Ball last year was a lovely mini of Nest’s new fine perfume line. The packaging for these was so gorgeous that one could well covet a bottle even if one didn’t like the juice – and the juice is lovely too. (Ca Fleure Bon . . . → Read More: Why you need friends: NEST body products and perfume

I said HERB!

You know why I’m including this photo of the ladybug on these tarragon leaves? Because that’s as feminine as this juice will get.

The perspicacious Undina asked in my review of yard sale perfumes what was in the third bottle – Voilá! The third bottle was an intriguing little number called Gigember Estragone by Dr. . . . → Read More: I said HERB!

Notes from a Sniffapalooza: Spring 2013

Rock star perfumer Roja Dove at Bergdorf Goodman

I know there are a few of my readers who long to go to a Sniffapalooza but haven’t been yet (or weren’t able to go to this one). So here’s a quick writeup of just what occurs to me about the Sniffapalooza we just had, for . . . → Read More: Notes from a Sniffapalooza: Spring 2013