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And one more housekeeping note:

In an effort to keep fake users from registering to the site, registrations now require a valid email address. Should have done it long ago. Hope it doesn’t inconvenience anyone. OpenID is also still supported. I will change the “How to Comment” page as soon as I can! Thanks!

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Housecleaning Feb. 2013

Howdy all, I’ve just done some housecleaning. We had over 200 “fake” subscribers here at Unseen Censer, because I leave it open for anyone to register. Most of those people/bots don’t get any farther than registering, because I don’t allow comments to go through until I’ve seen your first one, and I disallow the spam. . . . → Read More: Housecleaning Feb. 2013

Smash the bottle

My accomplishment of the weekend was to smash a 7.5 ml bottle of pure Chanel No. 5 parfum.

I needed to do this because the stopper could not be moved. I suppose it could have been, actually, with some ideal combination of actions I didn’t undertake, but what happened instead was that the stopper broke . . . → Read More: Smash the bottle

I am a real perfume blogger: here’s my cat.

Several folks on Twitter have gotten to admire photos of Her Majesty (usually known around here as Harleycat, or Stinkybutt), but I thought I’d show why you don’t get to see more photos of her, either on Twitter or here.

Because she doesn’t much care for being photographed.

Hungry for the paparazzi she is not. . . . → Read More: I am a real perfume blogger: here’s my cat.

Tired Unseen Censer is Tired.

These last few weeks have been a blur and I need to recover. I haven’t even read the perfume blogs for a week (tonight I get to decide whether or not to comment on week-old posts!). How YOU doin’?

I’m struggling with my comments on other people’s blogs, too. Used to be I could just . . . → Read More: Tired Unseen Censer is Tired.

The history of smell

I don’t usually want to pass along what everyone else already knows about, because I assume that if anyone is reading this blog they’re reading other perfume blogs as well, but if you are interested in scent and you haven’t seen the article at on recreating and saving smells in history, you might want . . . → Read More: The history of smell