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Fleur No. 1 by 1000 Flowers – Review

Fleur No. 1 by 1000 Flowers is a nearly perfect spring perfume.

If you’ve already tried 1000 Flowers’ widely touted first release, Réglisse Noire, you know that this line is about as indie as indie gets: it’s Jessica Buchanan, who as far as I know does everything from sourcing her own bottles and blending her . . . → Read More: Fleur No. 1 by 1000 Flowers – Review

Love licorice?

If you haven’t seen the post from the perfumer responsible for Réglisse Noire, check it out.

I am normally pretty hard-hearted when it comes to people who’ve made poor financial choices. The financial reality is, this entrepreneur probably didn’t get as much up-front money as she needed to launch this business. However.

If a . . . → Read More: Love licorice?