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There’s a pony in here somewhere: Interlude Man and Woman

You will seldom find a bigger Amouage fan than me. I know, there’s a ton of us out there, but I loves me some Amouage and I await every new release with, if not hyperventilation, at least constant fanning of myself with my credit card and wide, shiny eyes.

So when an Amouage doesn’t work . . . → Read More: There’s a pony in here somewhere: Interlude Man and Woman

Why do you buy?

Ari over at The Scents of Self recently asked a great question: how do you choose what to wear today?

I immediately was thrown into overdrive thinking about the complex algorithms by which I choose a perfume for the day, so much so that if you go look you’ll see I wrote – nothing at . . . → Read More: Why do you buy?

Everything old is new at my house

Few people will admit to liking the smell of human nether regions. Yet I’d bet a dollar lots of us do; there’s an awful lot of sex going on, after all.

There’s a much better essay that needs to be written on American problems with admitting that sex is enjoyable, and American problems admitting that . . . → Read More: Everything old is new at my house

How many Amouages do you need?

I wondered when Amouage Memoir came out why I didn’t go nuts for it like everyone else right away. I am a huge Amouage fan and am in danger of falling in love with almost all their scents; but this one sort of didn’t register with me. I don’t even remember where I first sniffed . . . → Read More: How many Amouages do you need?

What the Unseen Censer is pondering

Another Perfume Blog contemplates a fairly Stepford-wife gardenia…

…which is a welcome break from the mad anticipation of Amouage’s Opus VI, an amber (an Amouage amber!), at Olfactoria’s Travels, The Candy Boy’s (they choreographed their reviews to appear yesterday!), and the Alembicated Genie.

I have spent this winter learning to love amber due to the . . . → Read More: What the Unseen Censer is pondering

More vacation testing drive-bys

Amouage Amanie – nice white florals, but overwhelming impression of soap. If this is something genuine (and the bottle certainly looks like it is), someone in the Middle East wants to smell like soap. I wonder what that note is. There’s orange blossom in here, but this is not me mistaking the orange blossom for . . . → Read More: More vacation testing drive-bys