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Where ya going, Little Red Riding Hood?

I long to walk through a cool dark forest. Long Island has been a little too horrible in the weather department lately: flooding from rain, boiling muggy heat, freezing temperatures in May. I want living nature but not to be fried or flooded or melted. Is it too much to ask?

Today the weather seems . . . → Read More: Where ya going, Little Red Riding Hood?

More zooming past: quick reviews

On the theory that people seem to like the quickie reviews, here are more!

I’ve been in sort of a panic of perfume sample acquisition lately, driven by stress and also exploding into new scent areas that I’ve never been in before. Looking at the incenses, ambers, and leathers I’m experimenting with, I’m wondering how . . . → Read More: More zooming past: quick reviews

Only a light rose for me, thanks, I’m driving

I’m one of those annoying people who says they don’t much care for rose, but own several. I’m pretty picky about my roses – as I suppose most of us who claim not to like them much probably are. Unlike most other notes, I curate my rose collection very carefully, perhaps because a bad rose . . . → Read More: Only a light rose for me, thanks, I’m driving

On a stormy morning

Me: a sucker for butterflies

Let’s start with a perfume that I bought on the complete spur of the moment at last weekend’s Sniffapalooza: Annick Goutal’s Un Matin d’Orage.

The name means “stormy morning”, and it is much of what I had hoped Gorilla’s “The Smell of Weather Turning” would be. There’s no spearmint . . . → Read More: On a stormy morning