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Heresy and oil

I sent a friend of mine a set of samples recently, because she’s one of the few people I know who’s also interested in smelling perfumes. I sent a Top Hits according to me: Moroccan Mint Tea from Ava Luxe Tihota from Indult 24, Faubourg from Hermes Tocca’s Cleopatra and The Different Company’s Sel de . . . → Read More: Heresy and oil

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is such a sensual holiday and one in which smell is paramount. From the smell of the giblets simmering on the stove to the smell of baking (buttermilk biscuits, today!) to the orange in the sweet potatoes and the cinnamon in the applesauce, there’s nothing about Thanksgiving that doesn’t smell good. I hope you . . . → Read More: Happy Thanksgiving!

Tendre Madeleine

I have some of Ava Luxe’s lauded but discontinued Madeleine fragrance, and I’m not sure that I don’t like this better. At first encounter this is much more like biting into the actual cookie: buttery, vanilla, sweet, lemony, light, and a much welcome antidote to the cold rainy day outside.

The madeleine cookie is supposed . . . → Read More: Tendre Madeleine