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Le Snob: Perfume

People often ask me (OK, I think I’ve been asked maybe half a dozen times) what book they can turn to for finding out more about perfume overall.

I love books, I love perfume, I’m always looking for good books on perfume. Sadly, there are few, even when one turns to libraries and such. They . . . → Read More: Le Snob: Perfume

Roja Dove’s The Essence of Perfume: A Review

Book cover for the book The Essence of Perfume by Roja Dove

I didn’t know anything about the contents of this book when I ordered it. I respect Roja Dove, I’m interested in perfume, and it wasn’t available for my Kindle; I ordered it.

I could see once I opened it why it wasn’t available . . . → Read More: Roja Dove’s The Essence of Perfume: A Review