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Vacation perfume planning!

I’m trying to figure out what perfumes to take with me on my upcoming three days at the BEACH with my BROTHER, who is one of the coolest people in the whole world. Like my beloved husband, he doesn’t give a damn about perfume, so the question is really for me.

Over at EauMG this . . . → Read More: Vacation perfume planning!

Drive-bys at my leisure

By Kilian Sweet Redemption – Orange blossom Prada Candy. A slightly benzoiny carameled orange blossom, with the inevitable orange blossom taste of soap. Caramel soap anyone? As usual I find myself liking a By Kilian more than I thought I would at first snort; but this one isn’t really ringing my bells. I’ll stick . . . → Read More: Drive-bys at my leisure

Who are you?

Along with reorganizing the fume collection in the new year, there seems to be something going through the air of the blogosphere, with bloggers asking who they are and how a perfume expresses it.

The Non-Blonde blogged about “Perfume that’s just not you”. She mentions often that a perfume is or isn’t her. I am . . . → Read More: Who are you?

Quality, price, experience

Right now, for various reasons of the plot, I’m testing two scents: By Kilian’s Prelude to Love ($225 for 1.7 oz at and Heidi Klum’s Shine ($25.21 for 1.7 oz at

One of the things I like about most perfumistas is that they are not really snobbish about perfume – if you . . . → Read More: Quality, price, experience