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Identity Crisis

The Unseen Censer is having a bit of an identity crisis, y’all.

I’m not really going back to my go-to bottles that much. I am the big floral girl, I am the 80s-shoulderpads-girl. I am Vanilla Girl. Did you see, by the way, the awesome roundup of vanilla perfumes by usual vanilla-phobe Patty over at . . . → Read More: Identity Crisis

I love heartache

When I see people talk about how they avoid discontinued perfumes because they can’t stand the heartache,

… I think “MORE FOR ME!!!”

Honestly, embracing the ephemeral was the basis for my launch into complete fanaticism about this hobby.

Which is just to say: I got a perfume I loved, found out it had been . . . → Read More: I love heartache

Who are you?

Along with reorganizing the fume collection in the new year, there seems to be something going through the air of the blogosphere, with bloggers asking who they are and how a perfume expresses it.

The Non-Blonde blogged about “Perfume that’s just not you”. She mentions often that a perfume is or isn’t her. I am . . . → Read More: Who are you?

Some jasmine, some wine and a painkiller, please

It’s been a very busy month. VERY busy. And an old back injury is flaring up, making it a bit tough, sometimes, to do much more than lie still and remember the good old days when sitting up suddenly didn’t make me scream involuntarily.

I want to relax. I want luxury. I want peace. I . . . → Read More: Some jasmine, some wine and a painkiller, please

Buying unsniffed

I don’t know what causes other people to want to sniff something new. I tend to want to sniff something lots of other people already report loving, which is reported to contain notes I know I like (vanilla, lily of the valley) or that I am currently exploring (violet, heliotrope).

If I strongly suspect I . . . → Read More: Buying unsniffed

What do you like to smell over the holidays?

I like to smell something. I’m having a lot of trouble with perfume these days. I’m very interested in some naturals right now, notably from DSH (I have just fallen in love with her Bois du Chocolat, which of course is about to be discontinued – WHY WHY WHY?), but they are disappearing on my . . . → Read More: What do you like to smell over the holidays?