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Hugo Pure Purple does not inspire purple prose.

OMFG I finally finished updating my list with all my samples and where they are. I feel like I’ve aged five years plus I’m covered in smells. Because, you know, it’s kind of irresistable to just put a tiny dab on when something interesting goes by in the process.

Then at the end I found . . . → Read More: Hugo Pure Purple does not inspire purple prose.

Sampling down the street for the diary

I needed a pick-me-up yesterday, and found it by rifling through the shelves of a local Sephora looking for scents I didn’t already “know”. Turned out there were a lot. I covered quite a bit of testing ground by spritzing some strips and walking around for the next few hours with them clutched in my . . . → Read More: Sampling down the street for the diary

Who are you?

Along with reorganizing the fume collection in the new year, there seems to be something going through the air of the blogosphere, with bloggers asking who they are and how a perfume expresses it.

The Non-Blonde blogged about “Perfume that’s just not you”. She mentions often that a perfume is or isn’t her. I am . . . → Read More: Who are you?

More quick tests

Yosh Stargazer- to me this smells like three notes, all annoying. I know Yosh uses a lot of natural ingredients so I’m not sure why this reads so simplistic to me – that’s usually something I get with more synthetic ingredients (lower quality synthetics, not the good stuff). Not worth pursuing.

Yosh White Flowers – . . . → Read More: More quick tests

Drive-by DSH sample testing

Apropos of my goal (not a resolution!) to try and out away more of the samples flying all over the house:

La Plage – not sure what’s beachy about this except the slight ozone note. Otherwise not particularly memorable.

En Fleur – love the name, but I’ve got things that are fleur-ier… Also not a . . . → Read More: Drive-by DSH sample testing

The Unseen Censer’s Favorite Perfumes of 2011

I’ve been adding up the damage of the fourth quarter in perfume acquisitions (a habit encouraged by Now Smell This’s quarterly poll) and oops, it isn’t good. It’s only my second quarter of tracking how much I buy (perhaps I should not have started?), but I’m starting to see where all my money goes. I . . . → Read More: The Unseen Censer’s Favorite Perfumes of 2011