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What has the Unseen Censer been up to, you might wonder?

STUFF, says the Unseen Censer.

Still and all, I’m still progressing through a variety of samples, so here’s some thoughts, drive-by style, of things I’m not planning to write a fuller review of:

Comme des Garcons 2 – I must not be paying close . . . → Read More: Drive-bys

Perfume like a pumpkin chinchilla down comforter

Orientals are smothering to a lot of people and life itself to the rest of us. Ignore the not-yet-postcolonial tag; what an oriental really is, is vanilla and wood and spice, and in cooler weather like the east coast is enjoying now, it’s my idea of heaven.

Via Sniffapalooza’s Scentences I see that the Wall . . . → Read More: Perfume like a pumpkin chinchilla down comforter

Like This is still all that

Perfume reviewer Mark Behnke wrote a wonderful review of Like This (Etat Libre d’Orange’s “celebrity” scent with Tilda Swinton, though it is anything but), in which he conveys the simultaneous richness and lightness of this scent. The immortelle, pumpkin, and ginger are somehow both like autumn sunlight and as nourishing as food at the same . . . → Read More: Like This is still all that