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Perfume for your turkey, and a turkey of a perfume

I got a box from Sephora that was specifically chosen to be loaded with samples. (Yeah, I’m a sample whore.) I opened it up and found right on top?…

ENCHANTED WONDERSTRUCK, by Taylor Swift! That’s right, the celebuflanker more Fresh ‘n’ Tweeny than Beiber’s latest haircut!

Or Wonderstruck Enchanted, I can’t even be bothered to . . . → Read More: Perfume for your turkey, and a turkey of a perfume

I love heartache

When I see people talk about how they avoid discontinued perfumes because they can’t stand the heartache,

… I think “MORE FOR ME!!!”

Honestly, embracing the ephemeral was the basis for my launch into complete fanaticism about this hobby.

Which is just to say: I got a perfume I loved, found out it had been . . . → Read More: I love heartache

The long cold spring

What could be a more boring perfume observation than that I am exploring lighter, fresher fragrances for spring? But I am, and it’s surprising at least to me. I’m not really much of a light, fresh fragrance girl, though. Or at least I haven’t been for a long time.

There was a time when I . . . → Read More: The long cold spring