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Telling twins apart

Is it just me or is it sometimes hard to tell a flanker apart from its original? I guess if it smelled exactly like the original, I wouldn’t buy it. But I’ve bought two flankers recently that other perfume reviewers (with much better noses) reported as having all these different notes; to me they just . . . → Read More: Telling twins apart

Shop girl

I feel like my own snobbery is coming back to bite me in the ass. Sitting here amongst all my Amouages and exclusives and vintage whatnots, I realize that what I am mostly wearing this spring are department store juices.

Gucci Guilty and I are having a real thing. I fell for this lilac amber . . . → Read More: Shop girl

The pleasures of sweat

Am I the only one who doesn’t use perfume to fight the heat? Of course, I can talk – this is the mildest summer I’ve had in a decade of living on this godforsaken island, with very little real heat to complain about.

But even in the swelteringest summer, I complain about still air as . . . → Read More: The pleasures of sweat

Do you watch pre-code movies too?

Ruth Chatterton in “Female”.

I love movies from before the Hays Code. They make you realize how insane the fifties really were. Women in these movies aren’t so different from women of today: they have unsuccessful love affairs, they have careers, they make mistakes, and they have sex lives. Bravo.

My beloved will usually watch . . . → Read More: Do you watch pre-code movies too?

Tripping with perfume

OMFG I am so tired. Are you guys tired? I’m exhausted.

For various reasons of the plot I didn’t get or take any time off these last five months. Then I decided to do all my Fun Things at once. One thing is clear: I need to organize my down time better. Or stop organizing . . . → Read More: Tripping with perfume

Vol de Nuit: Dancing with itself

Vol de Nuit parfum

My most-often commenter and fellow fumehead Undina asked me to share my thoughts on comparing the vintage Vol de Nuit parfum that was my Christmas splash-out to myself, and the 2012 extrait of the same scent that I already had.

I don’t think I would do a good job of describing the vintage Vol de . . . → Read More: Vol de Nuit: Dancing with itself