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Buh-bye, 2012! In perfumes et al.

Holy crap, the year is over.

This year often sucked, and I will be glad to see the back of it (don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, 2012). Nonetheless it has seen the acquisition of a hellacious amount of perfume in this house, and I feel I should . . . → Read More: Buh-bye, 2012! In perfumes et al.


What has the Unseen Censer been up to, you might wonder?

STUFF, says the Unseen Censer.

Still and all, I’m still progressing through a variety of samples, so here’s some thoughts, drive-by style, of things I’m not planning to write a fuller review of:

Comme des Garcons 2 – I must not be paying close . . . → Read More: Drive-bys


For the Sherlockians in the audience, Wear Sherlock BBC reports that Irene Adler’s perfume is Chopard Casmir.

Tested Jane Booke’s Taken; it’s like a cross between Tihota and Bijou Romantique. Very gourmand, very sweet; if I didn’t already have Tihota (The Ultimate Vanilla), I would be more interested. As it is, this pushes it over . . . → Read More: Drive-bys

Tiptoe through the new stuff… Sniffapalooza style

Hey, you know what I’m not good at? Doing a detailed wrap-up of a Sniffapalooza. I’ve been doing this blog for a year and a half and haven’t done a great Sniffa wrap-up post yet.

A step-by-step travel report would be great… but would require too much note-taking while I’m there. I’d like to try . . . → Read More: Tiptoe through the new stuff… Sniffapalooza style