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Standout Snorts from Sniffa first day

I don’t think I’ve ever been so wiped BEFORE I began a Sniffa. What with the being sick, the medicine for being sick (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: health care sucks, and the only thing worse than health care is lack of health care), plus Harleycat undergoing a bout of emergency . . . → Read More: Standout Snorts from Sniffa first day

Perfume shopping in Miami

Even if we’re not buying, we’re enjoying perfume shopping, yes?

Actually I visited Miami in April, after the no-buy moratorium, though technically, if you asked my wallet, the no-buy moratorium should still have been on. I didn’t feel as much pressure not to buy, but I wasn’t dying to spend spend spend either. It is . . . → Read More: Perfume shopping in Miami

Do you have Kate Middleton in a bottle?

It doesn’t really work like the old joke, does it? Because of course it isn’t Kate Middleton herself; it’s her perfume.

I’ve managed to get my hands on a bit of Illuminum, White Gardenia Petals, which is widely reported to be the perfume Catherine Middleton wore to get married in (and become the Duchess of . . . → Read More: Do you have Kate Middleton in a bottle?

Some jasmine, some wine and a painkiller, please

It’s been a very busy month. VERY busy. And an old back injury is flaring up, making it a bit tough, sometimes, to do much more than lie still and remember the good old days when sitting up suddenly didn’t make me scream involuntarily.

I want to relax. I want luxury. I want peace. I . . . → Read More: Some jasmine, some wine and a painkiller, please

Baking with Jo Malone

I made big plans regarding food this morning as I lay in bed – decided to start the day with applesauce pancakes, progress to some autumn-type salads and squash soup for dinner. What goes well with all these harvest flavors and spices? Jo Malone’s Blue Agava and Cacao, as it turns out. I grabbed it . . . → Read More: Baking with Jo Malone

Stop the madness

Over on Perfume Posse they’re talking about picking a perfume to wear for an entire week.

That might not seem like nothing to you, but I decided I can’t even try this one.

Patty on the Posse compared this to wearing the same pair of underwear for a week, but that’s not it at all. . . . → Read More: Stop the madness