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Tripping with perfume

OMFG I am so tired. Are you guys tired? I’m exhausted.

For various reasons of the plot I didn’t get or take any time off these last five months. Then I decided to do all my Fun Things at once. One thing is clear: I need to organize my down time better. Or stop organizing . . . → Read More: Tripping with perfume

The solitary opinion of my nose

For some reason lately I’ve been having a hard time smelling more than one note in almost any perfume. I’m not talking about Amouages (though even they tend to boil down to their frankincense core). I’m talking just run of the mill perfumes, things I know or things I don’t. I smell them and I’m . . . → Read More: The solitary opinion of my nose

Notes from a Sniffapalooza: Spring 2013

Rock star perfumer Roja Dove at Bergdorf Goodman

I know there are a few of my readers who long to go to a Sniffapalooza but haven’t been yet (or weren’t able to go to this one). So here’s a quick writeup of just what occurs to me about the Sniffapalooza we just had, for . . . → Read More: Notes from a Sniffapalooza: Spring 2013

Sexay Samples

Ok, so people clearly like mini-reviews of LOTS of perfumes; I’m going to go here with some of the most coveted samples I’ve recently got my mitts on, all in one shot, especially since none of them are the kind of thing to move me to longer musings.

I love butterflies (no, I REALLY love . . . → Read More: Sexay Samples