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Despite snob

Hi all, sorry I haven’t been posting (if you missed me); I’ve been busy and have to prioritize. I haven’t forgotten about my little survey either; since the point of it was for me to learn how to do a regression analysis, trust me, I’ll be back to it, but not right away.

But that . . . → Read More: Despite snob

Buh-bye, 2012! In perfumes et al.

Holy crap, the year is over.

This year often sucked, and I will be glad to see the back of it (don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, 2012). Nonetheless it has seen the acquisition of a hellacious amount of perfume in this house, and I feel I should . . . → Read More: Buh-bye, 2012! In perfumes et al.

Just some notes to myself

Looking at my “Damage this year” spreadsheet, I’m really calmly happy with my acquisitions, for the most part.

I’ve learned that blind buys of more than a few dollars don’t pay, and I’m mostly putting that knowledge into action. More planned purchases, less thrill rides. Even today, when I blew my fourth quarter budget up . . . → Read More: Just some notes to myself

The chemistry between me and Le Labo

As I confided to a sniffing companion in Le Labo last weekend on the Sniffapalooza perfume crawl, I used to hate Le Labo. Not the store, of course, or the salesfolk (though the faux urban roughhewn look does nothing for me). No, it was the juice I hated; it was too thin, too dry, too . . . → Read More: The chemistry between me and Le Labo

Identity Crisis

The Unseen Censer is having a bit of an identity crisis, y’all.

I’m not really going back to my go-to bottles that much. I am the big floral girl, I am the 80s-shoulderpads-girl. I am Vanilla Girl. Did you see, by the way, the awesome roundup of vanilla perfumes by usual vanilla-phobe Patty over at . . . → Read More: Identity Crisis

It’s been a big week for old ladies

So I did go back to Anthropologie (a different store, as I’m now in a different state) and managed to pick up some of the spray version of Belle du Soir.

In my brief conversation with two lovely salespeople, who were both women about half my age, I mentioned that I was interested that it . . . → Read More: It’s been a big week for old ladies