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Sexay Samples

Ok, so people clearly like mini-reviews of LOTS of perfumes; I’m going to go here with some of the most coveted samples I’ve recently got my mitts on, all in one shot, especially since none of them are the kind of thing to move me to longer musings.

I love butterflies (no, I REALLY love . . . → Read More: Sexay Samples

Why do you buy?

Ari over at The Scents of Self recently asked a great question: how do you choose what to wear today?

I immediately was thrown into overdrive thinking about the complex algorithms by which I choose a perfume for the day, so much so that if you go look you’ll see I wrote – nothing at . . . → Read More: Why do you buy?

The long cold spring

What could be a more boring perfume observation than that I am exploring lighter, fresher fragrances for spring? But I am, and it’s surprising at least to me. I’m not really much of a light, fresh fragrance girl, though. Or at least I haven’t been for a long time.

There was a time when I . . . → Read More: The long cold spring

Pour some jasmine on me

As is often the case, when I think about something (at least something in the perfume line), I stumble across it. The universe brings me what I want – or, like Dorothy, I had it with me all the time.

Today I was able to go to the Caron master class hosted by Sniffapalooza in . . . → Read More: Pour some jasmine on me