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I thought I was in love; turns out I wasn’t.

At this stage in my perfume acquisition career, it actually is a bit of a relief if I don’t fall in love with a new perfume. I’ve noticed other folks on perfume boards saying it would take ages to sample all the samples they have in the house, and thus it is with me. It’s . . . → Read More: I thought I was in love; turns out I wasn’t.

Identity Crisis

The Unseen Censer is having a bit of an identity crisis, y’all.

I’m not really going back to my go-to bottles that much. I am the big floral girl, I am the 80s-shoulderpads-girl. I am Vanilla Girl. Did you see, by the way, the awesome roundup of vanilla perfumes by usual vanilla-phobe Patty over at . . . → Read More: Identity Crisis

Why do you buy?

Ari over at The Scents of Self recently asked a great question: how do you choose what to wear today?

I immediately was thrown into overdrive thinking about the complex algorithms by which I choose a perfume for the day, so much so that if you go look you’ll see I wrote – nothing at . . . → Read More: Why do you buy?


I was so irritated recently by Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel that I’m looking for other salt perfumes to wear. For some reason on the particular day that I wore it, it was only dune grass (vetiver) and perhaps lavender; no fleurs, and not really any sel, either.

I was annoyed enough that I tried . . . → Read More: Salt

Tiptoe through the new stuff… Sniffapalooza style

Hey, you know what I’m not good at? Doing a detailed wrap-up of a Sniffapalooza. I’ve been doing this blog for a year and a half and haven’t done a great Sniffa wrap-up post yet.

A step-by-step travel report would be great… but would require too much note-taking while I’m there. I’d like to try . . . → Read More: Tiptoe through the new stuff… Sniffapalooza style

Who are you?

Along with reorganizing the fume collection in the new year, there seems to be something going through the air of the blogosphere, with bloggers asking who they are and how a perfume expresses it.

The Non-Blonde blogged about “Perfume that’s just not you”. She mentions often that a perfume is or isn’t her. I am . . . → Read More: Who are you?