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Identity Crisis

The Unseen Censer is having a bit of an identity crisis, y’all.

I’m not really going back to my go-to bottles that much. I am the big floral girl, I am the 80s-shoulderpads-girl. I am Vanilla Girl. Did you see, by the way, the awesome roundup of vanilla perfumes by usual vanilla-phobe Patty over at . . . → Read More: Identity Crisis


What has the Unseen Censer been up to, you might wonder?

STUFF, says the Unseen Censer.

Still and all, I’m still progressing through a variety of samples, so here’s some thoughts, drive-by style, of things I’m not planning to write a fuller review of:

Comme des Garcons 2 – I must not be paying close . . . → Read More: Drive-bys

Perfume like a pumpkin chinchilla down comforter

Orientals are smothering to a lot of people and life itself to the rest of us. Ignore the not-yet-postcolonial tag; what an oriental really is, is vanilla and wood and spice, and in cooler weather like the east coast is enjoying now, it’s my idea of heaven.

Via Sniffapalooza’s Scentences I see that the Wall . . . → Read More: Perfume like a pumpkin chinchilla down comforter

Sniffapalooza Spring Fling is over!

My second Sniffapalooza is under my belt and I am exhausted, satisfied, and happy.

The first time I went, last fall, I was nervous and a little intimidated. (I think I planned my outfit for two months!) This time was much more relaxed and just as chock-full of new things to smell. I got to . . . → Read More: Sniffapalooza Spring Fling is over!