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Spring fragrance? You’re soaking in it.

I’m changing my mind about Hierbas de Ibiza.

When Sniffapalooza arrived in Barcelona we were greeted with, among other things, a lovely bag of samples of bath and fragrance products from Spanish company Hierbas de Ibiza. These were provided by JC Apotecari, hands-down the best pointer I could give you for a fantastic place to . . . → Read More: Spring fragrance? You’re soaking in it.

Go straight for the oil

I refrain from narrowing my eyes when others claim to have dry skin, but srsly: *I* have dry skin. It doesn’t look like paper, it looks like a lizard – a dead one. It is covered with little mountain ranges, with jagged tops, that look like scales if I don’t moisturize them into submission. Some . . . → Read More: Go straight for the oil

(Pokes at box)

I’m a little underwhelmed with my first BirchBox. I know so many people whose opinions I respect love BirchBox, and I love the idea of it, so I signed up right after I learned about BirchBox at Sniffapalooza this spring.

I just got my first one and… Huh. *Pokes at the bottom of the box . . . → Read More: (Pokes at box)