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Sexay Samples

Ok, so people clearly like mini-reviews of LOTS of perfumes; I’m going to go here with some of the most coveted samples I’ve recently got my mitts on, all in one shot, especially since none of them are the kind of thing to move me to longer musings.

I love butterflies (no, I REALLY love . . . → Read More: Sexay Samples

A Chocolate Quickie

I’ve been wearing some Mon Patchouly, the lauded new patch from Ramon Monegal, and I love this stuff. It’s the softest, most elegant patchouli you’d ever wear. It’s cozy, it’s delicious, it’s gorgeous.

But I have to wonder: why does a perfumista world that is raving about Mon Patchouly so very much tend to hate . . . → Read More: A Chocolate Quickie

Standout Snorts from Sniffa first day

I don’t think I’ve ever been so wiped BEFORE I began a Sniffa. What with the being sick, the medicine for being sick (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: health care sucks, and the only thing worse than health care is lack of health care), plus Harleycat undergoing a bout of emergency . . . → Read More: Standout Snorts from Sniffa first day