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The pleasures of sweat

Am I the only one who doesn’t use perfume to fight the heat? Of course, I can talk – this is the mildest summer I’ve had in a decade of living on this godforsaken island, with very little real heat to complain about.

But even in the swelteringest summer, I complain about still air as . . . → Read More: The pleasures of sweat

It’s got to be love or nothing

The plain truth is that I would do much better at holding down my perfume acquisition costs if I only bought things I truly loved. How well do you do?

I think one of the challenges is overintellectualizing the whole thing. I convince myself I want an amber or a vetiver. So I go shopping . . . → Read More: It’s got to be love or nothing

Diary – First takes on my latest samples

Some first-off impressions of the latest samples I’ve got my grabby hands on. In some cases the perfume isn’t new, just new to me.

Roja Dove’s Unspoken – this is a femme fatale jasmine, no? If you can’t take sweet, rich jasmine (not really indolic, this is masterfully held back from the edge of stinky, . . . → Read More: Diary – First takes on my latest samples

Tiptoe through the new stuff… Sniffapalooza style

Hey, you know what I’m not good at? Doing a detailed wrap-up of a Sniffapalooza. I’ve been doing this blog for a year and a half and haven’t done a great Sniffa wrap-up post yet.

A step-by-step travel report would be great… but would require too much note-taking while I’m there. I’d like to try . . . → Read More: Tiptoe through the new stuff… Sniffapalooza style

Testing gifty goodies!

I’m testing samples I got with a swap from the recent Perfume Posse madness (Thank you, Lisa!) My SO is out of the house for a while so I promised myself to wear looooooots of perfume. Time to get started!

Versace V’E extrait – I can see why someone who loves Amouage would love this. . . . → Read More: Testing gifty goodies!